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The Woodside High School Business Technology Academy is a school within a school. The Academy is a smaller learning community made up of dedicated teachers working collaboratively. The core subjects taught within the Business Academy include: Math, Social Studies, English and Computer Applications. As a California Partnership Academy our academy falls under the 'Business Technology' Career Pathway, with an emphasis on Information Technology. Each year also has a focus. Sophomore year, students are encouraged to develop their computer application skills, for example Word, Excel and PowerPoint in their English, Math, Academy Computer Applications, and Social Studies classes while exploring post-secondary options. The junior year is focused on career and college research in collaboration with mentors and learning how to use Photoshop, Adobe and Flash in Academy Computer Web Design. Students continue to advance in their four core subject areas and emphasizing research skills along with advanced web design. The senior year in the Academy is focused on advanced web design and completion of the Senior Exhibition Project.

English classes performing Macbeth

Seniors at the BTA Haunted House

English classes performing Macbeth

Current Seniors

Current Juniors

Class of 2015 After High School PlansTop of Page

What our graduates are doing now:

  • 50% were accepted to a 4-year college
  • 94% were enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college right after graduation
  • 3% enlisted in the military
  • 3% took a gap year
  • Colleges our students were accepted into:

Nortre Dame de Namur University

San Francisco State University
San Jose State University
University of California Berkeley
University of Hawaii
University of Nevada, Reno
Santa Barbara City College
Oaksterdam University
Oregon State University
Sonoma state university
College of San Mateo
Canada College
Foothill College

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October - College Fair hosted by Canada College for Seniors

October 29th - Ropes Course Trip for Class of 2017

November 4th - Mentor Breakfast for Juniors

March 12th - Trip to Electronic Arts

March 20th - Junior Career Fair

Field Trip PhotosTop of Page

Group Picture at the Giants Stadium

Ropes Course - Class of 2017

Sophomores trip to AT&T corporate offices

Group Picture at the Giants Stadium

Business Academy Students looking Professional at the College and Career Fair

Business Academy Students Imitating Statues at the SF MOMA

Business Academy students prior to our tour of UCD hang out at the water fountain in front of the visitor's center.

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Photoshop city scene

Photoshop Disguise

Photoshop Kite Scene

Photoshop Beach Cleanup

A Farm Near Mountains

The Playground

A Strange Scene in Outerspace

Mr. Potatohead Cheers on the Giants!

Friends in the Business AcademyTop of Page

Briana and Betsy Hanging Out After Class

Jesse and Juan both having a bit of fun in class

Juan, Nizam, and Maurice hanging out at lunch

Betsy, Kevin, and Abdul having fun while working on a project

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Summer Search winners from 2014

Summer Search winners from 2013

BA Kids in Xtra-Curricular ActivitiesTop of Page

Academy Student, Udiel Medina, at Facebook for a summer internship

Business Academy Students Kaly Fresquez, Jessica Lane, and Stephanie Cerini perform for the award winning Woodside dance team!

Outstanding Business Academy student-athlete Megan Bordy fires away for the WHS water polo team!

Business Academy students on the Men's Soccer team at Woodside - from left to right, Bryan Torres, Bernie Garibay, Brian Lopez, Donny Perez, and Andy Gomez - good job men!

The Business Technology Academy is very proud of its students who participate in the wide variety of extra curricular activities offered at Woodside High School - go 'Cats!

Mentor PhotosTop of Page

Our student telling her mentor about herself.

Our students learning about their mentor.

One of our students meeting his mentor.

One of our students learning intently.

Mentor Roundtable

Mentor Roundtable

Frequently Asked QuestionsTop of Page

1. Do Business Academy students take regular classes with non-academy students?

Yes. You will have classes with non-academy students while in non-academy classes such as Drivers Ed, Ceramics, and Science.

2. Do I need to take seven classes because of the Academy?

The Academy will not make you take a seventh class, but if you are short credits or there is a conflict, we will recommend that a student take seven classes.

3. Can I choose not to take Computer Applications, and still be in the Academy?

No. Computer Applications is the focus point of the Academy. California mandates that CPA (California Partnership Academy) students are enrolled in a CTE course while in the Academy.

4. Are Academy classes harder than regular mainstream classes?

Academy offers smaller classes and more personalized attention, but the classes are challenging in rigor and expectations.

5. What if I change my mind about the Academy?

We ask all prospective Academy students to put forth a sincere commitment to stay in the program for three years, but we will listen to each case independently.

6. How long is the Academy program?

You start in your sophomore year and we see you through graduation (a total of three years).

7. What makes the Academy different than the rest of Woodside High School?

You will have four core classes with four core teachers to help you succeed in school. You would also work and have classes with the same Academy students for all three years.

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Below are links that can be helpful for parents and students.

California Partnership Academies
State of California Link.

Peninsula Academies

A common link to other Academies on the Peninsula.

Academy Facebook Page
A link to the Facebook Academy Page for students to check the upcoming events and information about the Academy.

Business Academy Application
If you are interested in applying to the Business Academy please print the attached form, fill it out, and turn it in to C-12.
Academy Brochure

Follow the Business Academy on Instagram: @whs_business_academy

Academy StaffTop of Page

Mr. Campos, Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Hale, English Teacher

Ms. Emrick, Career Technical Education Teacher

Mr. Moses, Math Teacher

Mr. Mueller, English Teacher

Mr. Juelsgaard, Government & Economics Teacher

Ms. Theriault, Government & Economics Teacher

Business Academy Teachers Hard at WorkTop of Page

Mr. Mueller helping a few students with their questions

Mr. Velschow teaching all the students

Ms. Emrick helping a student

Mr. Moses teaching math

Academy StaffTop of Page

Modern World History and US History & Business Technology Academy Coordinator
English II & III
Ext: 49631
Ext: 49680 
Intro to Computer Applications Academy & Web Design & Development Academy
Ext: 49671 
Mentor Program Coordinator
English II & III
English II & III
English II & III

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To contact the Academy Department Chair please fill out the form below and they will reply to you at their earliest convenience.
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Thank you for your submission.

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Part of Class of 2018

Time To Jump Rope!


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