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Mr. Carpenter     49633    
AB Calculus, Precalculus, Algebra Support
Finander, Stephanie 49701     
BC Calculus, AP Physics
Gelb, Josh  49648
Algebra II, Enriched Geometry
Igoe, Robert  49695
Algebra I, AP Statistics, Statistics through Sports
AVID, Algebra I, Alg II/Trig
Algebra I, Integrated Math
Algebra Readiness, Geometry
  Algebra I, Geometry
Integrated Math, Precalculus, AB Calculus
Meulman, Elle 49624 
Algebra I, Algebra II/Trig.
Acad Geometry, Acad Alg II, Algebra II, Statistics through Sports
B. Nguyen 49611
Algebra I, Algebra Support, Precalculus
J. Rubin    49649
Algebra I LEP & Support, Alg II, Intr to Computer Science
  Algebra I, Principles of Engineering Design, Career Tech III (Sustainable Design)
  Algebra Readiness, Alg II
  Geometry LEP
Felicia Yang 49629 
Algebra II, Intro to Engineering Design

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Woodside takes pride in its advanced mathematics course offerings, including three Advanced Placement courses and four college courses taught on the Woodside campus though the auspices of Canada College that are fully transferable to the University of California and Cal State systems. Detailed course descriptions and prerequisites in the section below.

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Other Tutoring OptionsTop of Page

Need help in your math class? Here are some tutoring options.

  1. Your best source is your own teacher. Stop in during brunch, lunch, or posted office hours, or schedule an appointment. Teachers want to help you learn, but you must seek them out!
  2. There is an after school math specific tutoring program on campus, 3:15-4:30 pm. For details, see above, or check the posted flyers around campus. Math teachers on duty!
  3. Consider a fellow-student as a peer tutor. Ask your counselor for names. Your fellow students often tutor for community service credits and if they do charge, the fees are typically nominal.
  4. If you are an AVID/MESA student you have a tutoring structure in place in your program!
  5. Perhaps a one-on-one situation works best for you. The counseling office maintains a list of private tutors.

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You did your homework, but still failed a math test? And now you want to know what you can do about it? Check out the Math Department's Test Retake policy.

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