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Academy US History and Modern European History
Modern European History, US History, BUILD 
Life Skills/WS,  *AP Modern European History 
Green Academy US History, Life Skills/WS
Life Skills/ WS, US History 
Modern European History, Psychology, US History 
American Government/Economics, Modern European History--Co-teaching*
Modern European History 
Ortez, Jenny * Department Chair
Economics/Government, MEH-LEP, AVID 

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The Woodside High School Social Studies department offers four required courses and three electives.

Freshmen: Life Skills / World Studies 1 and 2 - Life Skills focuses on decision making, mental, social and community health, and substance abuse. World Studies provides an overview of the history, geography and culture of the non-western world. Levels- regular and LEP*.

Sophomores: Modern European History - A study of the history and geography of Europe. Levels - regular and LEP*, and Advanced Placement.

Juniors: United States History - A study of the history of the United States with a focus on the 20th century. Levels - regular, LEP*, and Advanced Placement

Seniors: American Government and Economics (one semester of each). Each course is a survey of the major concepts and structures of government and economic systems. Seniors also complete a required individual research project, the SEP (Senior Exhibition Project). Levels - regular and LEP*.

Electives: Anthropology, Psychology, Debate and Public Leadership. These courses are open primarily to juniors and seniors. * Debate and Public Leadership is open to all grade levels. 

* LEP= Limited English Proficient - for English language learners newer to the country.