Incoming Student Events 2017/2018:Top of Page

  • November 8, 2017 is a Parent Info night at Woodside from 7-8:30 PM.
    • All incoming parents of 7th and 8th graders are welcome to attend.
    • There is a full agenda of speakers and information from the entirety of our programs that night.
    • Cara Klackle, Department Chair, will be presenting at this night and available afterward for questions.  
  • A Parent Tour day will be held on January 20th
    • It is a Saturday tour day of campus.
    • There are tours from 9:00 to noon
    • Click here for more information
    • Tours end in the MUR where parents and students are able to mingle amongst information tables.
    • Cara Klackle, Department Chair, will be at a table at this event. 
  • Special Education Parent Night is held at MA in February from 6:00 - 7:30,.
    • This is a group even specifically for families with a student who has an IEP.
    • The beginning is a presentation by programs and an introduction to the staff.
    • Then we break out into smaller rooms for a Q&A portion of the night.
    • Cara Klackle, Department Chair; Sarah Babcock, School Psychologist; and Wendy Porter, AVP; will be in the Q&A rooms
  • Shadow Days can be set up through the website by clicking here. If you are concerned about your son or daughter's one-on-one aide attending shadowing days, please contact Cara Klackle
  • Parent Tours can be set up through the website by clicking here. If you are concerned about getting Special Education related questions answered during the parent tour, please contact Cara Klackle.
  • Parent Tours for students who may need support in our STARS or ILS programs are available on a limited basis by going to the link here to RSVP.  
    •  Details about these programs is located below. Also your student's Case Manager (in 8th grade school) has been sent a flyer about these tours as well. 

IntroductionTop of Page

Woodside High School's Special Education Department has a myriad of programs. We service students with a variety of disabilities that range from mild learning disabilities to severe learning and physical disabilities. Our department is comprised of three basic supports: Specialized Academic Instruction (Study Skills and/or Co-taught Courses), Independent Living Skills (ILS) and Therapeutic Day School (STARS).

The department works closely with the School Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist and the Adaptive Physical Education Program. It is our goal to offer each of our students the very best opportunities available at a comprehensive high school to advance personally, academically, and vocationally.

Specialized Academic InstructionTop of Page

Below are teachers with Special Education credentials who work with students in a Study Skills class and also work as a Co-Teacher in general education settings as well. They provide Specialized Academic Instruction:

  Co-taught US History with Mr. Gruszynski
Study Skills grade 9
Co-taught Algebra with Support with Mr. Ornelas
Study Skills grade 11
Co-taught Econ and Government with Ms. Macioce
Study Skills grade 10
Co-taught Integrated Math with Mr.Malouf
  Assist Only Biology with Mr. Lo
Study Skills grade 11
Co-taught Biology with Ms. Ighanian
Study Skills grade 10
Co-taught Geometry with Mr. Malouf
Study Skills grade 9 and 12
Co-taught English I Intensive with Mrs.Taylor
Study Skills 10 and 11
  Co-taught English III with Ms. Lang
Study Skills grade 9 and 10
Co-taught English IV with Ms. Potts
Study Skills grade 10 and 12

Independent Living Skills (ILS)Top of Page

Students with orthopedic impairments, or disabilities significantly affecting a student's ability to move, communicate and/or walk; students on the autism spectrum with social, emotional and academic needs; and students with intellectual disability are are provided support in the Independent Living Skills program.

The program provides a highly structured, highly modified functional academic and life skills curriculum to meet the individual needs of students as outlined on their IEPs. Academic instruction, independence training, social skills and transition services are integral components of the program.

Therapeutic Day School (STARS)Top of Page

Students who require a small setting with counseling support to access the curriculum attend classes in the STARS program. The IEP teams agrees to the periods and subjects that students in STARS may require this setting. STARS stands for Successful Transition Achieved with Responsive Support.

Mental Health Case Workers support students by offering counseling services that are determined by the IEP team. 

  STARS teacher (English, Science, History and Study Skills)
  Mental Health Case Worker 
  STARS Mathematics teacher

School PsychologistTop of Page

Ms. Sarah Babcock is the School Psychologist for Woodside High School.
For information on accommodations for College Board or ACT testing accommodations, please contact Lupe Flores-Robles at Ext 40021 or email her. 
For questions on 504 plans or SSTs, please contact your student's guidance counselor. 

Speech and languageTop of Page

The Speech and Language program at Woodside High School is designed to help students with language processing, voice, speech articulation or fluency changes. Assessment procedures may be indicated after a formal screening. Subsequent speech therapy is based on specific test results that profile the student's area of need.

Speech and Language Specialist

Adaptive Physical EducationTop of Page

Coach Jim Bell is our Adapted PE teacher at Woodside High School. Not all students with an IEP receive Adapted PE. He works with all students who have this service on their IEP.

Other ContactsTop of Page

Wendy Porter is the Administrative VIce Principal who oversees the Special Education program at Woodside High School.

Clare Chandler is the SUHSD Program Specialist that supports students and staff at Woodside High School. 

Debra Adler serves on the San Mateo County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) Resource Parent Council. The Parent Help Line is (650) 802-5499. This committee provides guidance to families within member districts so they may better support their students with special needs. Debra is a parent of two Woodside students - one recent graduate and a current junior