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Admissions and Impacted Majors Top of Page

Q: What is an "impacted major" and how does this affect my chances of admission?
A: A major is "impacted" if it is very popular and the the demand for the major exceeds the campus' supply of courses/instructors/resources.
Check each campus' website and this matrix to find out which majors are very popular and require higher standards for admission. You should include an alternate major on your application(s) since most campuses will consider you for the alternate major if you do not qualify for your first choice major.
Very popular campuses group applicants by the selected major and then rank them according to their A-G GPA and test scores. The CSU system does consider your best scores from different test sittings (also known as "superscoring"). 
Your eligibility index score is a combination of your test scores and A-G GPA. Using your ACT or SAT scores and your A-G GPA (the 4th GPA on your transcript), you can calculate your index score.
The minimum CA resident eligibility index scores are valid for non-impacted majors at San Francisco State University and CSU East Bay.
Some campuses, like Sonoma State, identify the impacted majors and specific admissions requirements for those majors. San Jose State has provided minimum index scores for each major, including Undeclared. San Diego State lists an average admitted GPA and test scores.

Nursing and the CSUTop of Page

Nursing is an impacted major at all CSU campuses. 
If you are not admitted directly to the Nursing program as a freshman applicant, you must submit an application to the department after you have enrolled. You will need to satisfy GPA and other requirements to gain admission to the Nursing program at your CSU campus.
SDSU: If you are not admitted to the Nursing major as a freshman, you cannot transfer into the major at a later time while you are attending SDSU.