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High school students can take community college classes while in high school. Best of all, they do not need to pay registration fees for these classes.* 

1. You can satisfy high school graduation or college General Education requirements.
2. Achievement in these courses demonstrates your capacity to undertake college-level work to the 4-year colleges. 
3. You can explore a possible career interest.
See what local colleges are offering this semester (Canada, CSM) or quarter (Foothill):
Talk to your counselor if you are thinking of taking a community college class to satisfy a graduation requirement. Confirm that the college course transfers to the UC/CSU before you take the course.
In addition to applying online to make an account with the community college, you will need to complete a form that requires the signatures of your parent/guardian and counselor.

Taking English or math? You will need to take a placement test before you enroll in a class. After you receive your student ID#, contact the Assessment Office to take your placement test.

* You may need to rent the required textbook(s) and/or purchase an online access code to complete your homework. Some courses (e.g., Business) are not open to high school students. Colleges do limit the number of units you can take each term. You are responsible for adding or dropping the course in a timely manner, coordinating transportation to and from the college, and communicating with the college.