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High school students can take community college classes while in high school.*  Best of all, they do not need to pay registration fees for these classes.

Reasons to Take a Community College Class
B. Demonstrate the capacity to do college-level work. 
C. Explore a possible career interest.
D. Satisfy high school graduation requirements.*
Students can satisfy the minimum enrollment requirement with community college classes. Juniors can take 5 WHS classes and 1 college course per semester. Seniors can take 4 WHS classes and 1 community college class per semester.
Enrollment Steps: How do I enroll in a college class?
Step 1. See what local colleges are offering during the upcoming semester (Canada, CSM) or quarter (Foothill):
Step 2. Apply online to make an account with the community college. You will apply as a "Concurrent Enrollment" student since you are attending high school full-time right now. You will receive an ID# by email.
Step 3. Use the college ID# to complete a Concurrent Enrollment form. The form requires the signatures of your parent/guardian and counselor. Meet with your WHS counselor to complete this step.
San Mateo Community College District: Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Form When you
have the required signatures, take a scan/take a picture of the completed form and upload it to your
WebSMART account.
  Foothill-DeAnza Community College District: Follow these instructions.

Step 4: If you wish to take an academic class at Canada College, you will need to make an appointment with a Canada college counselor to be approved for the class. Take an official transcript and your Concurrent Enrollment form to the meeting.

Step 5When you have been approved to take the class(es), log in to your community college account to register for the class. You may need to "Add" the class to complete the enrollment process. Make sure you are earning a letter grade. 

The student is responsible for:
adding or dropping the course(s) before the semester deadlines;
finding transportation to and from the college;
renting or buying the required textbook(s);
buying any online access code for homework and/or scantrons from the college bookstore; 
communicating with the professor.
* High school students can take a limited number of units per semester. Some departments do not permit high school students to enroll in their classes (e.g., Business). Students must meet prerequisites to enroll in community college classes.  Confirm that the college course satisfies the WHS graduation requirement with your counselor before you enroll in the class.