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College Search Options

In addition to Naviance's SuperMatch College Search, students are encouraged to consider:

Big Future: Part of College Board's website, it's a great place to do college research. It is not a substitute for Naviance; it's just a good second source.
CaliforniaColleges: Students can explore 2-year and 4-year colleges (public and private) in California. This website provides resources about college and financial aid as well.


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Early Action or Early Decision

Early Action: Restrictive or Nonrestrictive?
Early Decision: Commitment? Is this a good option for you?
Learn more about the different admissions options here.

Early Decision Acceptance Rates

Which colleges accept more Early Decision candidates? Here are some numbers.

Examples of EA and ED

Restrictive Early Action (aka Single Choice Early Action): You apply to only one college under the Early Action option. Example: Stanford
Nonrestrictive Early Action: You can apply to other colleges under EA or regular decision options.

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Looking for colleges that provide incredible academic opportunities and vibrant learning communities? Check out these colleges.

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