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March Into College Workshop #4: College Money Matters and Smart Summer Ideas will be held in the MUR from 7-8:30 PM. We hope to see you there!

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We just learned that the IRS Data Retrieval tool is not available. If you need to submit your parents' 2015 tax return to a college, you can order it online. Some students may be required to submit documentation that they did not need to file a return. This website should be able to assist you with either document. Please stop by D9 if you need further assistance.

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AP Exam? Wondering if you should take a certain exam? Check out this page to see if the college you plan to attend next fall will accept your AP scores so you can fulfill General Education (GE) requirements and/or earn units that can be applied to your college degree.
Community College: Pick up a field trip form to take your placement test(s) and meet with a counselor at Canada College on April 4, 2017 (B day). 
CSU: Check your portals to see if you need to take a placement test, submit a transcript, or complete a Residency Questionnaire. If you would like to live on campus, start researching now. Some campus housing options fill up quickly before May 1. If you are seriously considering SFSU and Chico, you should look into housing now.
UC: Decisions are rolling out this month. If you were accepted to UC Merced, you should be able to view your Financial Aid Award offer as well. You will need to register for the AWPE writing placement test unless you have passed an acceptable community college English course (e.g., English 100 at Canada College) or you have a qualifying score on the AP English Language & Composition (3+) or ACT (30+ on English). Admitted students who must take this test will be notified about test registration procedures.
Stop by D9 if you have additional questions.

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College Search Resources

In addition to Naviance's SuperMatch College Search, students are encouraged to consider:

Big Future: Part of College Board's website, it's a great place to do college research. It is not a substitute for Naviance; it's just a good second source.
CaliforniaColleges: Students can explore 2-year and 4-year colleges (public and private) in California. This website provides resources about college and financial aid as well.
Community College Transfer Program: Find out which community college degree programs can increase your chances of admission to 4-year colleges.


Student-Athletes Interested in NCAA Division I and/or II Colleges 

UPDATED NCAA Eligibility: Division I and II teams will be expecting you to demonstrate your initial eligibility by completing an application on this website during your junior year. Here is the list of course requirements that determine your eligibility.  Be sure to send your official transcript with this form
When you take the ACT or SAT during junior and/or senior year, send scores to the NCAA by using code 9999.

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