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4-Year Scholarship Opportunity to Boston University, University of Puget Sound, or Lehigh University?

4-Year Scholarship Opportunity to Boston University, University of Puget Sound, or Lehigh University? icon4-Year Scholarship Opportunity to Boston University, University of Puget Sound, or Lehigh University?title

2020 POSSE scholarship
πŸ’°POSSE is such a great opportunity; it's at least worth a quick read, so you know what's up.
What is POSSE?
They are a national organization that connects colleges with students, and they arrange free four-year tuition to the eligible, interested applicants who are officially selected. 
What colleges collaborate with  POSSE? Well, it depends where you are in the US. The colleges that offer  POSSE for Bay Area students are Boston University, University of Puget Sound, and Lehigh University.  
What does  POSSE require for their application process? The POSSE selection process involves 3 in-person meetings (usually in San Francisco). These sessions happen in groups because  POSSE values teamwork above pretty much anything else. They want to see how students work together with others. 
Who should complete the WHS POSSE form? OK. This is a fantastic opportunity. But it's only a good match for some 2020 seniors.  It's great for students who would seriously consider one of the 3 participating colleges. It's for seniors who thrive when they work with others. And, it's for students who will commit to the in-person meetings starting in first semester. Is this you? Please complete this survey by Friday, August 30 if you are interested.

PSAT iconPSATtitle

The PSAT will be given this year on October 16. [Need to create a College Board account? No problem.]


Here’s a video about accessing scores (with a link to a video about using the scores well).  Accessing Your PSAT/NMSQT Score Report


The PSAT is great preparation for the SAT. Your score unlocks free, personalized practice on Khan Academy®. Visit, create an account (if you haven’t yet), and link your College Board & Khan Academy accounts to get practice questions that fit you.


Earn scholarships by applying to college. Learn more @



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CSU: California State University (Application Opens 10/1)

CSU: California State University (Application Opens 10/1) iconCSU: California State University (Application Opens 10/1)title


CSU Application

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CSU Degree Search
Great Colleges Not on the Common App

Great Colleges Not on the Common App iconGreat Colleges Not on the Common Apptitle

These colleges are WUE, Western Undergraduate Exchange. They offer close to in-state tuition for California students with about a 3.2 GPA.









OREGON STATE: This college is not WUE but has good financial perks for CA students.

(The scholarships for CA students are called Golden State scholarships.)

College Application Fee Waivers

College Application Fee Waivers iconCollege Application Fee Waiverstitle

It is possible to apply to college for free. Find out how fee waivers work here.
California Community Colleges

California Community Colleges iconCalifornia Community Collegestitle

California Community College Application
College Information

College Information iconCollege Informationtitle

College Search Resources

In addition to Naviance's SuperMatch College Search, students are encouraged to consider:

Big Future: Part of College Board's website, it's a great place to do college research. It is not a substitute for Naviance; it's just a good second source.
CaliforniaColleges: Students can explore 2-year and 4-year colleges (public and private) in California. This website provides resources about college and financial aid as well.
Community College Transfer Program: Find out which community college degree programs can increase your chances of admission to 4-year colleges.


Student-Athletes Interested in NCAA Division I and/or II Colleges 

UPDATED NCAA Eligibility: Division I and II teams will be expecting you to demonstrate your initial eligibility by completing an application on this website during your junior year. Here is information about requirements that will be effective August 1, 2018.  Be sure to send your official transcript with this form
When you take the ACT or SAT during junior and/or senior year, send scores to the NCAA by using code 9999.
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