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All seniors must complete the Senior Survey (and update their Naviance account) in order to be cleared for graduation. 
Username = Student ID# Password = FLMMDDYY
Select the About Me tab. Then click on the Woodside Senior Survey in the upper left-hand corner. Complete all required questions and questions that apply to you.
4-year college applicants: Be sure to go to Colleges I'm Applying To and click on the pencil icon. You should see a list of all the colleges to which you applied. Please provide the Result. For example, if you were waitlisted at a school, you will select Accepted and check the Waitlisted box. If you decided not to apply to a college on your list, please select No Decision. When you are finished, click on the Update Applications box at the bottom of the page.  Go to the top of the page and select Back to My College List and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Find College That I Am Attending and select the college you will attend this fall. Click Update to save this information. 
Stop by D-9 if you need help completing the survey or if you need Ms. Matavulj or Ms. Vasquez to confirm that you completed this requirement.

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If you are still shopping for other college options, some colleges are still accepting applications. Click here to see the list.

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College Search Resources

In addition to Naviance's SuperMatch College Search, students are encouraged to consider:

Big Future: Part of College Board's website, it's a great place to do college research. It is not a substitute for Naviance; it's just a good second source.
CaliforniaColleges: Students can explore 2-year and 4-year colleges (public and private) in California. This website provides resources about college and financial aid as well.
Community College Transfer Program: Find out which community college degree programs can increase your chances of admission to 4-year colleges.


Student-Athletes Interested in NCAA Division I and/or II Colleges 

UPDATED NCAA Eligibility: Division I and II teams will be expecting you to demonstrate your initial eligibility by completing an application on this website during your junior year. Here is the list of course requirements that determine your eligibility.  Be sure to send your official transcript with this form
When you take the ACT or SAT during junior and/or senior year, send scores to the NCAA by using code 9999.

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