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Summer To Do List: Low Stress, High PayoffsTop of Page

Happy Summer! Here are a few college things to do in your free months. They're not supposed to stress you out (don't do too much and enjoy the time off), but they are a good head start, so you'll feel confident about senior year.

  • Students can begin Common App now and continue to work on it this summer. Be sure to select Fall 2019 when you open your account, so your application will "roll over" when the next cycle begins on August 1.  The UC app does not open until August 1, but you can write drafts of your four Personal Insight questions now. UC says that the personal insight questions will change slightly, but they will be very similar to the eight used last year.
  • On Common App, do NOT work on the My Colleges tab until August 1. That's when the FERPA will be live for you and when the specific short essay prompts and questions for each college will be up-to-date.  All the other tabs on Common App--go for it this summer!
  • On Naviance, do NOT work on the colleges I'm applying to list yet. Use the colleges I'm thinking about list and SuperMatch (for college research). SuperMatch makes creating a logical college list possible. It even will be able to show you the colleges that have the academic majors that interest you.
  • Statistics tell us that if a student is applying to competitive schools, early action and early decision are worth seriously considering. The group that always crunches the data has not done it yet for this year, but here it is for 2017. Please check out this link.
    (UCs and CSUs do not use early action/decision.)
  • AUGUST: 1 Common App workshop (8/18) 1 UC workshop (9/8). These workshops will be in late August/early September, and at that point, everything related to the apps will be definite. Last summer, these workshops were very well attended and really helped students meet the requirements quickly, and they had the information that they needed.
🍎COLLEGE RESEARCH WEBSITES🍎 (that students and parents like❤)


For finding colleges that match your unique criteria - needs & wants. Useful to find schools you may not have heard of and those which offer your major. Can do multiple searches for different majors, sizes of school, etc. Good for a general sense of where your grades & test scores put you for each college.


Naviance:  All Woodside students have Naviance accounts.

Web address:

User Name: ID number (email NOT needed)

 Password: 2 initials 6 digit birthdate



Ratings on a wide variety of issues like professors, safety, dorm quality. Descriptions of students

and campus life and breakdowns of political leanings. Real comments from students.


School lists on unique topics you don’t normally see: Most accessible professors, Best food, Everyone does intramurals, etc. Can help define what is important to you and provide some new names to look into.


Compare schools side by side, who has the best graduation rate? Student retention? Financial aid? Smallest class sizes?


Long, detailed descriptions from real students on many aspects of their college.


Takeaways from March Into College #4

  • Use the Net Price Calculators on colleges' websites starting soon. These calculators give you a clear picture of the COA (cost of attendance) for the different schools and what assistance your family could receive.
  • Big Future on CollegeBoard is great for general college research, and it's also very good with college financial information.
  • WUE schools and honors colleges are often an excellent fit for students, and they provide significant merit aid. This has been a VERY competitive year for many of the UCs. Their low admit numbers can maybe be an inspiration to help students feel positive about looking at colleges that they may not have considered before.  



Takeaways from March Into College #3

  • Students can begin Common App now. Be sure to select Fall 2019 when you open your account, so your application will "roll over" when the next cycle begins on August 1.  The UC app does not open until August 1, but you can write drafts of your four Personal Insight questions now.
  • On Common App, do NOT work on the My Colleges tab until August 1. That's when the FERPA will be live for you and when the specific short essay prompts and questions for each college will be up-to-date.  All the other tabs on Common App--go for it!
  • On Naviance, do NOT work on the colleges I'm applying to list yet.  Use the colleges I'm thinking about list and SuperMatch (for college research).

 Takeaways from March Into College #2:

  •  The best applications are genuine, detailed, and complete. 
  •  Students should stay committed to academic classes
  •  Students should consider good ways to define themselves on paper/screen. 
  •  Students should get involved and stay involved with what’s important to  them.

Takeaways from March Into College #1:

  • Students should create a list of colleges that includes characteristics that fit them including: academics, location, size, campus culture, and cost. A college is NOT a "safety school" if it doesn't fit you, you don't like it, and you'd never go. Get those places off your list.
  • A few important elements that are easy to forget but shouldn't be lost: honors colleges, WUE, 3/2 programs, early admit rates vs regular admit rates

Class of 2018 Grads: Final TranscriptsTop of Page

Graduates planning to attend a 4-year college this fall should check their college accounts to make sure their final transcripts have been received by June 25. Many colleges are expecting official high school and community college (if you took college classes) transcripts by July 1.
Graduates planning to attend a 2-year college can have their official transcripts assist them with placement and/or a Language Other Than English requirement.  
An official copy of of the final transcript was sent to the home address on file for all graduates. You can use this extra copy in case a college hasn't received your transcript from WHS already. 

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  • College Calendar

College Application Fee WaiversTop of Page

It is possible to apply to college for free. Find out how fee waivers work here.

UC Personal Insight Questions: Fall 2018 ApplicantsTop of Page

Here are the updated Personal Insight questions. You can make an account and draft your responses now before the submission window opens November 1st.

College ApplicationsTop of Page

Common Application
University of California
California Community College Application
California State University

College InformationTop of Page

College Search Resources

In addition to Naviance's SuperMatch College Search, students are encouraged to consider:

Big Future: Part of College Board's website, it's a great place to do college research. It is not a substitute for Naviance; it's just a good second source.
CaliforniaColleges: Students can explore 2-year and 4-year colleges (public and private) in California. This website provides resources about college and financial aid as well.
Community College Transfer Program: Find out which community college degree programs can increase your chances of admission to 4-year colleges.


Student-Athletes Interested in NCAA Division I and/or II Colleges 

UPDATED NCAA Eligibility: Division I and II teams will be expecting you to demonstrate your initial eligibility by completing an application on this website during your junior year. Here is information about requirements that will be effective August 1, 2018.  Be sure to send your official transcript with this form
When you take the ACT or SAT during junior and/or senior year, send scores to the NCAA by using code 9999.

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