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Taylor the Poodle, our school facility dog, is a full-trained and credentialed graduate of the Canine Angels program as a facility dog and as a therapy dog. Taylor is part-time on campus now that AVP Maureen Campbell has retired. You'll see both Taylor and Heidi on campus at events, in classrooms, and in the quad and garden at student breaks.

Heidi, a Greater Swiss Moiuntain dog, is a licensed therapy dog who joined our Woodside family in 2015. She is pictured with her owner Ms. Roger

As a reminder, any dog on campus must be a service dog, not a pet. Per California Ed Code, dogs are not allowed on school campuses. That means no dogs at football games or in a purse at basketball games -- unless they are registered with Woodside as a service animal. Thanks

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Facility Dog, Taylor
Facility Dog, Taylor
Facility Dog

Taylor has been Woodside's Facility Dog since November, 2011. She was raised, trained, certified and donated by Canine Angels Service Teams (CAST) in Grants Pass, Oregon. Visit www.canine-angels.org for information regarding CAST's amazing work training exceptional dogs for children with special needs.

Enjoy the attached video of Taylor's wonderful work providing unconditional support and happiness to Woodside students and staff.

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