Photo 1

On going project:
   Document campus construction
Camera Project 01:
PS01 (PhotoShop #1):
Camera Project 02:
PS02 (Photoshop #2):
Camera Project 03:
PS03 (Photoshop #3):
Film Reflection/Reaction:
  Write about 10 images from the
  film and your reaction to each.
  (let me know if link does not work)
Camera Project 04:
PS04 (Photoshop #4):
Camera Project 05:
Camera Project 06:
PS05 (Photoshop #5):
Camera Project 07:
Camera Project 08:
PS06 (Photoshop #6):
PS07 (Photoshop #7):
Camera Project 09:
Using the concepts from the last 3 projects and your Holiday Lights images create a (Holiday) Card.

Photo 2

Project 01:
Project 02:
On going projects:
   Turn in your 5 BEST construction image each month
   Turn in your 5 BEST images at the end of each month
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