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Summer 2020 Information

Summer Reading 2020

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Summer Reading 2020

 The Big Read: All students: Choose your own book (over 150 pages) for the Big Read
More Big Read Information Here.
AS/AP: Students enrolled in AS or AP English must read these required texts.
Summer Assignments for Advanced Placement Courses

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Questions? Contact:

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Name Phone
Email Web
Flores-Robles, Lupe Summer Math Acceleration Program  40021 
Velschow, Chuck AVP for Last Names A-L  40030  Click to email Chuck Velschow
Mazzei, Diane Instructional Vice Principal  40020 
Stewart, Jonathan Mathematics Department Chair  49615   
Mr. Francisco Negri Head Guidance Advisor  40090  Click to email Francisco Negri
More information about Mathematics

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Have you asked yourself:

Is the Math Acceleration Program right for me?

If I advance an entire level of Mathematics, won't I exhaust all of Woodside's offerings before my senior year?

What does Woodside High School offer beyond AP Calculus AB and BC?

Please review the links below to review the full spectrum of Woodside's offerings in Mathematics. Thanks to our articulation and partnership with Canada College, we are able to offer advanced mathematics beyond the AP offerings. Students have the opportunity to take Canada College classes on the Woodside High School campus.

Questions? Contact Jonathan Stewart, Mathematics Department Chair, or Diane Mazzei, Instructional Vice Principal.