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Facility Dog

Facility Dog, Heidi!

Facility_Dog,_Heidi! iconFacility Dog, Heidi!title

Heidi, a Greater Swiss Moiuntain dog, is a licensed therapy dog who joined our Woodside family in 2015. She is pictured with her owner Ms. Roger.

You'll see Heidi on campus at events, in classrooms, and in the quad and garden at student breaks.

As a reminder, any dog on campus must be a service dog, not a pet. Per California Ed Code, dogs are not allowed on school campuses. That means no dogs at football games or in a purse at basketball games -- unless they are registered with Woodside as a service animal. Thanks

WHS Canine Wildcat- Heidi

WHS_Canine_Wildcat-_Heidi iconWHS Canine Wildcat- Heidititle

Facility Dog