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MyVoice Student Survey Report

MyVoice Student Survey Report 2018

MyVoice_Student_Survey_Report_2018 iconMyVoice Student Survey Report 2018title

"Last month, we will be took some time to complete the MyVoice Student Survey. The MyVoiceStudent Survey is an anonymous questionnaire that asked about your relationships with teachers, how you feel on campus, your goals, and many other factors involved in attending Woodside.


You might have also taken a very similar survey in class; that survey was the iKnowMyClass survey, and is very different from the MyVoice survey. The iKnowMyClass survey is for an individual classroom environment and an individual teacher, whereas the MyVoice survey focuses on the school community as a whole. While iKnowMyClass is geared towards specifics, MyVoice focuses on the 'big picture' at Woodside. Both surveys are incredibly important, but are not the same.


...In a previous MyVoice survey, many students indicated that they believe bullying is a problem at Woodside. Remember that anti-bullying video we all watched on Writing Day? This video was broadcast in a direct response to the input received through MyVoice. In addition, students had indicated that they felt their hard work was going unrecognized. This year, teachers have been encouraged to praise students more and send postcards home expressing their appreciation for students’ hard work."

-Student members of the Aspirations Collaboration Group