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Biology Resources 2014-15

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Your Name

Mrs. Handler

A.I.S., 7th

August 28th, 2014

Code Activity Report



Purpose: What is the meaning of the code?






A code uses letters or symbols to represent information. The code applies to Mrs. Handler’s _______ period class. The number of letters s equal to the number of students in class. In addition, ….



If the code represents the last name students in class, then there will be ___ students with last name begins with ___, __students last name begins with ___, because



  1. Determine the meaning of code
  2. Write a hypothesis based on information
  3. Create a table to organize data
  4. Collect information necessary to support hypothesis
  5. Write a conclusion for the activity








Data: Determine how to best record the information gathered from others using an organized method. Ex: graph, data table, etc.

Code: Number and Letter

Last Names




















In this lab I wanted to find out the meaning of the code. Before I started the experiment, I thought the code stood for _______________________________. After doing the experiment, I found out that I was right/wrong. The results of the lab were that the letters are for the ________________________________. Compared to other people who did the lab, I found that my hypothesis was ______________________________________. Although I was very careful when I collected data, a possible source of error is when I _________________. Next time I will ______________________________________ _________________________________________________________.



Final Product: A typed or well hand written lab report including: Purpose/Question, Code, Hypothesis, Procedure, Data (organized) , Conclusion.


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