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Wildcat Pride

Coil Pots in Ceramics 1

Creating beautiful forms!

Organic Coil Vessels


Wheel Throwing

Loading up kilns


Paying attention to the DETAILS!

Group Garden Totem Installations

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Some of the FUN we have in CERAMICS 1!
A taste of what we DO in CERAMICS 2!
Look and SEE what kids create in AP 3D!


CERAMICS 1: This course fosters a sense of curiosity and creativity, sense of accomplishment, and fun and excitement! Students will explore various techniques which incorporate fundamental art concepts through the use of clay and glaze. Through this form of 3-dimensional art, students will gain social, cultural, and historical awareness of art further enabling self-expression through the use of problem-solving and critical high-order thinking skills. Ultimately, students will acquire an appreciation and understanding of art and its place in their lives while creating projects that display their understanding of the elements and principles of design and how art impacts others. Projects may include, pinch pot sculptures, coiled vessels, slab containers, wheel-thrown vessels, and sculptures.
CERAMICS 2: This course also fosters a sense of curiosity and creativity, sense of accomplishment, and fun and excitement! Students will further explore various techniques using clay and glaze with a focus on individualization, demonstrating expressive content in their work, and finding personal direction to create a body of work all while demonstrating appropriate use of elements of art and principles of design, higher-order thinking, and problem-solving skills. Projects may include personal sculptures, pinch pot whistles, teapots or combination pieces, more in depth experience on the wheel, and student-driven projects of their own choice!
AP 3D DESIGN: The course content and curriculum fosters a sense of curiosity, creativity and sense of accomplishment! AP 3D focuses on the development of artistic skill and effective written oral, and visual communication directly relating to the development of the AP Portfolio. Students will follow a strict timeline and guideline in order to produce the required amount of work at a quality that exceeds that of the average art student. Specific objectives are outlined in the AP College Board approved course.


Art can make you think, make you feel, make you react. I believe art is a universal language that breaks barriers and can help communicate in unique ways. I've always loved art and I've always wanted to be a teacher. Being an art teacher is the perfect marriage of two things I am passionate about in life - art and learning. 
As an art teacher, I want to expose my students to the art that surrounds them in their everyday life, but also give them the skills and knowledge to create their own works of art. My hope is that students gain an understanding, and hopefully an appreciation, of the arts and ultimately continue to support and explore the arts as they move forward in their lives!
After graduating with a B.F.A. from Millikin University's Art Education program in 2002, I began my teaching career as a middle school art teacher in Chaska, MN. Two short years later, after truly enjoying the energy and fun the middle school environment offers, I made the jump to high school - and back to my "home" state of Colorado. I spent 10 wonderful years teaching ceramics at an amazing high school in Colorado Springs, CO. While furthering my craft as a teacher in the classroom, I also obtained a Masters in Education with an emphasis in technology. I gained experience in other areas as well, as a coach, I sponsored a number of clubs, was a "professional chaperone", was a part of numerous committees, developed 3 new courses, taught cross-curricularly, all while trying to be the best ceramics teacher I knew how to be! Those ten years really helped shaped me into the teacher I am today.
I relocated to California in the fall of 2014 and take pride in being a Wildcat! I have enjoyed the diversity and new experiences the bay area has to offer and find myself thinking this year of teaching might just be my best yet! I'm always eager to try new projects, to find new ways to connect with students, and to explore opportunities to teach more efficiently and effectively to provide a positive and meaningful learning experience for my students. 
When I'm not teaching I love to be out in nature - the mountains are my favorite, but anywhere out in the great outdoors is the best! I enjoy creating my own art, going for walks in the woods, reading when I can find a good book, taking a bike ride, or trying a new recipe. My husband and I love to travel and spend time with our families, watch documentaries, or find somewhere new to explore or hike together!


Check out DEMONSTRATIONS you may have missed and other fun videos on my YouTube Channel


Scholastics Art Award Winners

Scholastics_Art_Award_Winners iconScholastics Art Award Winnerstitle

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Redwood City Art Contest Winners

Redwood_City_Art_Contest_Winners iconRedwood City Art Contest Winnerstitle