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Finander: AP Physics and BC Calculus

Teacher Information

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Stephanie Finander has a Bachelor's degree in Biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master's degree in Education from Stanford University. She has been teaching since 1987. Mrs. Finander has been teaching physics at Woodside High School since 2003 and BC Calculus at Woodside High School since 2010. Her two children (Ben and Natalie) graduated from Woodside. Ben has graduated from UC San Diego and Natalie is at UCLA.  In her spare time, she enjoys the performing arts and takes pride in her pie-making abilities.

Office Hours

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Mrs. Finander is available during brunch, lunch and Tutorial:
A days in room H-5
B days in room F-10
Contacting Mrs. Finander

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Email:  My district email address is  
Phone:  Please call my home telephone (650) 365-0775
WebAssign Questions:  If you are a student and you have a question, problem, or concern about your WebAssign homework, it is MUCH easier for me if you click on "Ask Your Teacher" within WebAssign.  If you want more tries or more time on your homework, click on "Extension Request" in WebAssign.
Homework Extension Policy

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Students who want more TRIES on a WebAssign homework can ask for them by clicking on "Extension Request" and just saying "more tries."  It is not necessary to say which problem or why you need more tries.  More tries will always be granted, with no grade penalty.
Students who want more TIME on a WebAssign homework for a reason other than absence or illness will get it if they click on "Extension Request" and ask for it:  (1) before the original due date and time and (2) with a new due date.  It is not necessary to give the reason.  For example, "I am requesting an extension until Sunday."  Students who complete their homework (95% or higher) during their extended time will have their grades changed to 10/10 in SchoolLoop, but these are processed only about every two weeks.
Students with absences, illnesses, or other circumstances can be given other extensions by arrangement.
Other Stuff

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