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Connect with WHS:

  • Inspire a student - Help students and young people grow.
  • Build a strong community - Increase morale within your company and with your neighbors.
  • Promote your industry – Develop your future workforce with local employees

Where you can help:

Descriptions of each volunteer option:

Panels—please join us for a one day targeted event. These events allow us to provide insight into an industry, a discipline, or a collective experience.

Symposiums—as part of our unique approach to reaching students, we are holding a symposium in which we invite professionals to campus to bring students cutting edge information on the technology and career paths available within a given discipline.  A proposed schedule would include a key note, one hour of career round tables and one hour of hot topics.

 Field Trips—these class visits to your company site allows students real world exposure--activities can include tours, presentations or workshops.  Add your company to the list and show students what state of the art facilities, world class employees and cutting edge technology can accomplish.

  • Thank you SAP for hosting Computer Science 1 students on November 15th from 9 - 1pm.

  • Interested in hosting students at your site?  Please contact Faith Velschow.

Guest Speakers—these one-time events are coordinated by individual teachers and are designed to enhance classroom curriculum or special projects.  Please sign up to speak on a topic related to classroom work, to offer an alternative perspective, and/or provide industry insight to enhance current curriculum.
 We are looking for professionals to come speak in Engineering 1(Eng) and Computer Science 1 (CS) classes:




September 28th

Sophia Shoemaker - Web Developer


October 19

Diana Solatan - PLATFORM, Design for Growth


November 13

Joshua Mendoza - Destined for X





February 13

Brian Kuepper - Advisor to Prospective Franchisees


March 14

James Shin, Oracle Pre-Sales Consultant




Please email Faith Velschow if you would like to come speak.

Project Based Activities—a dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge.  These activities especially lend themselves to working with industry professionals that can bring real-world problems and techniques to solve them into the classroom.  We are looking for engineering professionals to:

  • Identify an engineering project that students develop and apply in the real world, similar to the solar suitcases that the Sustainable Design class created.
  • Participate in First Robotics.
Mentoring—the mentor program will pair students from the Business Technology Academy, Green Academy and STEM-Engineering class with professionals to discuss both academic and career goals.  The student’s career interests are widespread ranging from business and engineering to medicine and law enforcement.  The commitment is approximately 2 hours per month, with most interactions via email and 3-4 face-to-face meetings over the course of the school year.  The first meeting was held on November 2nd and the program concludes May 11. 


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