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What is SAAP?
The Student Aspiration Advocate Program (SAAP) helps students achieve success by becoming independent thinkers who make wise decisions on and off campus. 
"The Student Aspirations Advocates Program (SAAP) is designed as an intensive 9th and 10th grade support system for students. A primary focus is placed on adjusting to, succeeding in, and graduating from high school. The Aspirations Advocates Program, designed specifically for Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD), strives to develop a positive learning environment and provide essential support for students so that all can reach their fullest potential."

What's SAAPening?Top of Page

Support Services for Students:
*SAAP student mentor lunch program

*CAT counseling

*Acknowledge Alliance Counseling

*P.E. uniform assistance 

*The DEN- tutoring services

*District tutoring services

* Assist students in obtaining school supplies 

*Setting up meetings for parents and students with guidance counselors, Maricela Lopez the Bilingual Site Parent Liaison, Molly Nixon (BRT), and teachers.

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