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Please note that events are subject to change. Please check announcements or D7 for more information.

October is now among us. This month is filled with lots of events as well as                                   Homecoming. Whether that is a trick or a treat is up to you.

Oct 4 SuperBOSA: SuperBOSA for Oct will be on Thursday Oct. 4. All fourth period teachers are to send their SuperBOSA rep to the MUR at 11:00am (after the announcements) for the meeting. An agenda is provided for the representatives to help them report back to their class. These meetings are important because this is how the BOSA team is able to get information out to the school. This meeting will give information about College Day and Homecoming

October 4 Picture Day: Thursday October 4 will be the LAST opportunity for staff and students to take their official school photo. It is really important to have everyone take their photo. Please stop by the MUR between 8am-3pm to get your photo taken.

Oct 10 College Day

            9th Graders Field Trip to UC Santa Cruz   7:45am

                        Wear comfortable shoes for walking and layers

            10th & 11th Graders PSAT                            9:00am

                        Report to assigned classroom

            12th Graders                                                   9:15am

                        Assistance with college application process

Oct 11 Talent Show: Woodside’s Drama Boosters is proud to host the show “Woodside’s Got Talent” on Thursday October 11 in the PAC at 7pm. Come out and see the amazing performances by our very talented students. Tickets will be $5 and sold during lunch outside of D7 on 10/11 and at the event on 10/11. 

Oct 15-19 Homecoming: This year homecoming theme is "Movie Genres” Each grade has selected a specific movie genre to focus on for their skit and dress up. The grades will continue to have various dress-up days.  Each class is encouraged to dress up according to their theme for the day. Everyone is encouraged to wear Woodside attire on Friday, 10/19 for homecoming. There will be various activities happening at lunch on each day.  Please see the chart to see what all Wildcats can dress up as.













Mathletes vs Athletes



Beach day     



Safari Tourist


Music Festivals  











First day of Kinder

Dynamic Duo

When I Grow Up  


Orange,  white,  black

*Bold days are the Theme Days and Quad Count       *Further details will be provided separately.

Oct 19 Senior Sunrise: This event is for seniors only. Starting at 6:45am seniors are welcome to Bradley Field to bond with fellow classmates, participate in some fun activities and enjoy the beginning of the end for their time at Woodside. The cost is $5. Please inform students this event is a go rain or shine. Following the celebration at Bradley Field will be the Senior Run

Oct 19 All School Rally: Leadership will be hosting the All School Rally in the New Gym once again.  The school will be on the Wildcat schedule. Everyone is to attend this special event for all of Woodside. Each class will be performing their skit for the school. Further information will be sent out as the date approaches.

Oct 19 Homecoming Football Game: Come out and cheer on the Wildcat Football team as they take on Capuchino. During Half-Time, Band, Cheer, and Dance put on a special performance. There will also be a special competition between the grade levels.  It is sure to be an exciting event and a great way to end a week of fun and excitement. Prior to the game, Senior football players will be recognized.

Oct 20 Homecoming Dance: The homecoming dance, A Night Among the Stars will be on Sat Oct. 20 from 7:30-10:30 pm in the Gym. Please encourage your students to attend. Details will be on the website as well as in the announcements. Guest Passes are available in D7 or online. Tickets sales are out of D7 during brunch, lunch, and after-school. NO CHECKS

                        October 4-5                             $10 all

                        October 9, 11, 12, 15-17         $15 with PAL, $20 with out

                        October 18-19                         $20 with PAL, $25 with out

Tickets are NOT sold at the event.

Oct. 22-Nov. 2 Bell Schedule-Tutorial Pilot

Tutorial Pilot Bell Schedule: October 22nd - November 2nd Period/Activity

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri



8:00-8:50 (50 min)

8:00-8:50 (50 min)


9:00 - 10:30 (90 min)

9:00 - 10:20 (80 min)


10:30 - 10:40 (10 min)

10:20 - 10:30 (10 min)

4/5 (plus announcements)

10:50 - 12:25 (95 min)

10:40 - 12:05 (85 min)


12:25 - 12:55 (30 min)

12:05 - 12:35 (30 min)


1:05 - 1:40 (35 min)



1:40 - 3:10 pm (90 min)

12:45 - 2:05 (80 min)

Staff Collab. Time


2:15 – 3:10














Oct. 26 Winter Sports registration deadline: Students who plan to participate in a winter sport (Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Basketball, Wrestling) must have their athletic registration packet turned in by October 26.

Oct 31 Halloween: Many staff and students enjoy dressing up for Halloween. Please remind students that costumes must be school appropriate, no masks, and dress code is still enforced. Leadership will host some activities during lunch.

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Board of Student Affairs or BOSA are the officers who oversee the Student Body at Woodside High School.

2018-2019 BOSA Team:

PRESIDENT:Nicola Recker



TREASURER:Allison Roque


  • BOSA Video
    Learn about who BOSA is and what the students do.

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Each grade level in the school is represented by a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary elected by the class in a general election. The officers are responsible for providing leadership. They are assisted in duties by a board of all class members who wish to become involved in class activities. Everyone is invited to come to the weekly class meetings held on Wednesdays during lunch and take part in the decisions that direct class policy and plan activities.

Seniors (Class of 2019)-meet in E-5

PRESIDENT:Daniela Sanchez-Sevilla

VICE-PRESIDENT: Jorge Abraham Espinoza

SECRETARY:Nadia Sochan

TREASURER:Victor Saliba

Juniors (Class of 2020)-meet in E-3

PRESIDENT: Adrienne Evans

VICE-PRESIDENT: Emiko Caden Hansen


TREASURER: Ann Magdi Fawzi (Mashraki)

Sophomore (Class of 2021)-meet in B-4

PRESIDENT: Nora Elhams


SECRETARY: Sheona Yakupitiyage

TREASURER: Sophia Bogyo

Freshmen (Class of 2022)-meet in E-9

PRESIDENT: Elise Evans


SECRETARY:  Jacob Villorente


Student Body Order FormTop of Page

Please use the Student Body order form to make payments or donations to Student Body accounts.

The form must be completed and submitted with payment. Students can bring payment and paper work to Arena Check-in, mail it to the school (attn. Treasurer), or turn it in to the school treasurer in D-5.

  • Student Body Order Form 2018 - 2019
    Please download the attached form and bring it to Arena Check-In with payment. The form and payment can also be mailed to the school, please make to the attention of the School Treasurer.
    Descargue el formulario adjunto y llevarlo a Arena Hora de llegada con el pago. La forma y el pago tambi?n pueden ser enviados a la escuela, por favor aseg?rese de que la atenci?n del Tesorero School.

School PhotosTop of Page

Each student must have their school picture taken for their free student body card in the fall. These cards are given to each student, regardless of purchasing pictures. Students are required to have their student ID card on them at all times.

Lost cards will be replaced for a fee of $5. Please see the treasurer in D-5 to inquire about a replacement card. Please note that students must have a current year student body card when purchasing dance tickets or getting into sporting events.

If you would still like to order a school picture or have questions about the pictures, please visit the link below. It is never too late to order pictures.

School Photo-Website

  • To order school photos you may go to the website and follow their instructions.
  • Please note that Woodside High School does not directly accept payments for school photos. Students are encouraged to go to the website to learn more about ordering photos. If you have questions about the photos specifically, please contact the company at 1-866-955-8342. 
  • Picture Make-Up Dates

Students who missed taking their photo may do so on the following dates: September 13, October 4. 

  • Picture retakes are available for students who purchase photo packages. 


General Dance InformationTop of Page

All Woodside dances are sponsored by BOSA. Unless otherwise stated, guests may attend dances provided a Guest Pass is properly obtained at least two days prior to the dance. Guest Request Forms also known as Guest Passes may be picked up at the front office or D7 and require the signature of the Woodside student's parents and the Vice Principal of the guest's school as well as the approval of the WHS administration. Students should dress appropriately for all dances. The doors for the dance close 1 hour after opening. If students are not in by the time the doors close, they will not be allowed into the dance. Please note that refunds are not provided.

Tickets for all dances are on sale two-weeks prior to the dance. Checks are not accepted. There are no tickets for sale at the door for any WHS dance, either on campus or off. Students must not have any fines, must not be on the No Privileges list, and show a current student ID card to purchase tickets. Refunds are not provided.

Students should remember that all school rules apply at all dances, both on and off campus. We want everyone who attends the dances to have a good time and the above rules are in force to facilitate just that. Students are expected to dance appropriately at all times. Students who refuse to follow the rules at the dance may be asked to leave. A refund will not be provided for students who are asked to leave a dance.

Please note that students who are on the "No Privileges List" will not be permitted to dances, or any school-sponsored event, other than their assigned classes.

Dance DetailsTop of Page

2018-2019 Dance Dates

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming dances

Homecoming: October 20, 2018 7:30-10:30pmNew Gym

Winter Formal: February 9, 2019 7:30-10:30pm, New Gym

Junior Senior Prom: April 13, 2019 8pm-11:30pm,

                       CASH OR CREDIT ONLY! NO CHECKS

For Prom, only Juniors and Seniors may purchase a dance ticket. Underclassmen are allowed to go to prom as a guest of upperclassmen.

Students must have no fines and be off the No Privileges list to purchase a ticket.

Non-Woodside guests will be charged the non-PAL price regardless if the student has PAL.

Students must clear their fines early, get off the No Privileges list and have a current student ID to purchase their tickets.

Please note that doors close approximately one hour after the event starts. Once the doors are closed, students will not be allowed into the dance and refunds are not provided.

Students must be picked up no later than 30 minutes from when the dance concludes.

Please note that tickets are NOT sold at the door. Students may purchase tickets on campus during lunch or after school. CASH ONLY! Checks are NEVER accepted. Credit Cards are accepted when noted. Refunds are not provided.

Students who have fines or are on the NO PRIVILEGES list will NOT be allowed to purchase a ticket until they are cleared.

Homecoming Dance Guest Pass 

  • Please download and complete all aspects of the Guest Pass. All non-WHS students must have a guest pass in order to attend a dance. This guest pass form must be turned into the appropriate AVP's office prior to purchasing a ticket.

Dance Guest PassTop of Page

Woodside High School students are allowed to bring 1 guest to a school dance (unless noted). The Guest Pass form must be completed and turned in to the appropriate Associated Vice-Principal. Once the form is approved the WHS student will receive a yellow slip that allows him/her to purchase a ticket for the guest.

Students are not allowed to bring guests that are in middle school or younger. Guests can not be older than 20 years of age.

At the event, guests are required to bring a current form of ID, the yellow slip, and the dance ticket. Guests are expected to abide by all WHS rules and dress code.

  • Homecoming Dance Guest Pass
    Please download and complete all aspects of the Guest Pass. All non-WHS students must have a guest pass in order to attend a dance. This guest pass must be turned into the appropriate AVP's office prior to purchasing a ticket.

Guest Pass forms must be completed and turned into the appropriate AVP office.

Students who last names begin with A-L see Mr. Velschow.

Students who last names begin with M-Z see Ms. Porter.

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