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Order your yearbook early!

Yearbooks are to be pre-ordered. Only a limited number of yearbooks may be available at the end of the school year. Make sure that you are guaranteed a book by pre-ordering a yearbook.

The prices are:

  • August to December 23: $70 with PAL and $80 without.
  • January 1 to March 24: $80 with PAL and $90 without.
  • March 27 to May 12: $100 for all--Depending on availabilty

Yearbooks can be ordered with the school treasurer in D-5. 

Yearbooks can also be purchased on line. Please note that online orders must pay the non-PAL price. 

Senior Yearbook AdsTop of Page

Want to create a special page to honor a senior and have it included in every yearbook? Create a Senior Ad. This page will live forever and is a wonderful way to remember your friends and time at WHS.

People can design the ad online and create a special memory.  

Cost is: Full Page $200, Half Page $125, Quarter Page $75

Pictures have to be school appropriate. If there is anything not school appropriate your page will not be used or changes will be made prior to printing. 

Click here to learn more

Senior QuotesTop of Page

Senior quotes will be placed under senior portraits in the yearbook. The quote can only be 150 characters in length, including spaces. Students can submit their quote online at bit.ly/seniorquotewhs. Senior Quotes must be submitted by January 17, 2018. When writing your senior quote, remember it will be seen by many people. Students are reminded to be kind and respectful to others. Anything questionable will not be included and students will not be notified.

-Quote must be 150 characters or less.  No additional shout-outs, code messages, or numbers added after your complete sentences.  Anything longer than 150 characters will be cut off.  If we can not read it or understand it, it will not be printed.

-Do not format.  Any centering, bolding, italics or underlining will not be kept.

-Offensive terms/words, text codes, hash tags or special characters will be rejected!

-Be appropriate; the school’s administration is going to approve it and your grandma’s going to read it.  If your quote is not approved or inappropriate, it will not be printed (you will not be notified).

-Don’t plagiarize.  Give credit to the speaker of your quote if you select somebody else’s words.

-Quotes in other languages must be translated underneath to ensure appropriateness.

Baby Photos for YearbookTop of Page

To have your baby picture in the yearbook, please turn it in to D7 or email it to Mrs. With at lwith@seq.org by January 17, 2018Write your first and last name and student ID number on the back of the photo to ensure it is next to the correct portrait. If emailing the photo, please be sure to include first and last name of the student and make sure the photo is sent 'actual size'. If there is more than one person in the photo, make it clear which person/baby is you.  Every effort will be made to get your pictures back.

Senior Polls Top of Page

Here is a list of the senior polls. Seniors are allowed to nominate one male and one female for each question. All nominations must be completed by December 15, 2017. Please remember to include the first and last name of students. After the nomination process there will be a separate voting for each category after winter break. The top four individuals who are nominated will then proceed to the next round of voting. A student may be nominated more than once, but the student can only WIN in one category. In the rare case of a person winning 2 categories, one category (the one with the closest race) will go to the runner up.

To nominate, students are to complete the online form at bit.ly/whsseniorpoll .

Remember to write in a MALE and a FEMALE response. Here are the categories to nominate seniors:

  • Most likely to win the lotto but lose the ticket.  Someone who is forgetful and loses items.
  • Someone who has not learned to whisper. Someone who tends to talk loudly
  • Most likely to be spend their Saturday at Traffic School. Someone who may be a wild driver.
  • Best Bromance (best friends boys). Two boys who are best friends and can always be found hanging out together.
  • Two peas in a pod (best friends girls). Two girls who are best friends and can always be found hanging out together.
  • Most likely to play sports after high school. Someone who is very athletic.
  • Most likely to work at Woodside. Someone who loves Woodside.
  • Most likely to be found at the beach. Someone who enjoys being in the sun and water or has a very chill attitude.
  • Most likely to become a soccer parent. Someone who tends to take care of everyone else.
  • Most likely to save the world. Someone who is considered to be a leader.
  • Most likely to become the next tech innovator. Someone who is very creative and good with engineering or science.
  • Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse. Someone who is very resourceful and can think on their feet.
  • Biggest social butterfly. Someone who is very extroverted, will talk to everyone, and very social.
  • Most likely to go viral. Someone who is really into social media.
  • Most likely to become a green thumb. Someone who is very environmentally conscience.
  • Most likely to be late to their own wedding. Someone who is constantly late.
  • Most likely to become the next Iron Chef. Someone who is really into cooking and is a good cook.
  • Best Hair. Someone who has great hair. Beards on men is acceptable for hair.
  • Biggest case of senioritis. Someone who was ready to graduate in September.
  • Most likely to become the next Picasso. Someone who is very artistic.
  • Most likely to get away with anything. Someone who is a good talker and very clever.
  • Best laugh. Someone who has a great and infectious laugh.
  • Most likely to become royalty. Someone who is very bougie and confident.
  • Best Actor. Someone who is very into the drama productions and acting.
  • Best singer.  Someone who is very good a singing.
  • Most likely to max out a credit card. Someone who is very good at shopping and spending money.
  • Best video director. Someone who is very good at making videos.
  • Best photographer. Someone who takes really good photos.
  • Most case of mistaken identity. Two people who are often confused to be the other person. One set of male and one set of female
Remember to nominate someone, please go to the online form at bit.ly/whsseniorpoll .

Senior Yearbook PacketsTop of Page

A yearbook packet was distributed to seniors through their English class. This packet contains the information provided. 
If a copy of the packet is needed please click here or stop by D7.