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Athletic Boosters Organization (ABO)

Athletic Boosters (ABO) Webpage

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Athletic Boosters (ABO) Webpage

Click here to visit the Woodside Athletic Booster Page
The site will provide meeting times, dates and location, membership fees, contact information and how to get involved. 
Role of Athletic Boosters

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The mission of the Woodside High School Athletic Boosters Organization (ABO) is to support all athletic programs at Woodside High School. The Boosters is committed to working with the administration, parents/guardians, coaches, and the local community to create an outstanding sports experience for Woodside High School students. ABO recognizes that athletics is an extension of the school's learning community and as such believes that excellence in education and athletics are complementary. The Boosters believes that athletics prepares students for our competitive multicultural society, promotes school spirit, and contributes to the positive environment at Woodside High School.