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Athletic Department

Registration Links for Athletics 2020-21

Registration_Links_for_Athletics_2020-21 iconRegistration Links for Athletics 2020-21title

Saturday, June 13, 2020

WHS Athletic Families, 

We are excited to announce that our ‘Summer Athletic Conditioning Program’ has been approved by Superintendent Streshly and Principal Burbank. This program has been developed to allow our student athletes to condition and develop their athletic skills, while following social distancing and hygiene guidelines. Our start date will be Tuesday, June 16th. Conditioning will take place in pods of 12 students or less with one coach supervising. Because of the strict guidelines that we must follow, each pod will be assigned a specific time and location on campus with a time limit of 45 minutes per conditioning session. Locations for use include Bradley Field, the baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, and the pool. Conditioning must remain outdoors and without any equipment.   Participating athletes must be enrolled for next year at WHS.  Interested?  Contact your current coach or Athletic Director Tim Faulkner,

We are requiring student athletes to register on SportsNet before they can participate in their assigned summer conditioning pod.  Click here: if you need to register. Once students have been signed up, and we will assign you to your pod you will receive communication on your specific training time, the days of the week, and campus location from either your coach or the athletic director Mr. Faulkner.  Athletes may not switch assigned pods.  We can make this work if participating athletes adhere to the guidelines.  Please review our ‘Summer Athletic Conditioning Guidelines’ using this link: 
These guidelines were  provided by the district and compiled by district athletic directors in accordance with the San Mateo County Health Department.

More good news and new this year!  The Woodside Athletic Boosters Organization will be sending updates about athletics and booster activities at Woodside including status updates for 2020-2021.  Please be sure to follow/like these pages to get this info!!

Athletic Director Tim Faulkner
AVP of Athletics Chuck Velschow
Congratulations Coach Nancy Staves - 2020 CCS Spring Honor Coach

Congratulations_Coach_Nancy_Staves_-_2020_CCS_Spring_Honor_Coach iconCongratulations Coach Nancy Staves - 2020 CCS Spring Honor Coachtitle

Nancy Staves

Congratulations to Head Badminton Coach Nancy Staves for being named 2020 Spring CCS Honor Coach. 


Congratulations Coach Jose Navarette - 2020 CCS Winter Honor Coach

Congratulations_Coach_Jose_Navarette_-_2020_CCS_Winter_Honor_Coach iconCongratulations Coach Jose Navarette - 2020 CCS Winter Honor Coachtitle

Jose Navarette

Congratulations to Head Varsity Girls Soccer Coach Jose Navarette for being named 2020 Winter CCS Honor Coach. 

2019-2020 Sports Awards

2019-2020_Sports_Awards icon2019-2020 Sports Awardstitle

Click HERE to see the Fall 2019 Sports Awards

2019 Summer Info and Athletic Registration for 2019-20

2019_Summer_Info_and_Athletic_Registration_for_2019-20 icon2019 Summer Info and Athletic Registration for 2019-20title

Clearance for Athletics is a two step process:
Step One) To begin your registration for athletic participation in 2019-20,  
click here for the physical form - your physical is valid for one year and must be updated annually.  Espanol
Step Two) All participants in athletics must complete the Sports Net online registration process, click here to begin. 
Coaches Contact Information:
See Email List Below
2020 National Signing Day

2020_National_Signing_Day icon2020 National Signing Daytitle

On Wednesday February 5, eight Woodside Wildcat Student Athletes signed their National Letters of Intent:

Sarah Perry - Cross Country - UC Davis

Amanda Scardino - Volleyball - Menlo College

Justin Mills - Swimming - Cal Poly

Kassidy James - Softball - Benedictine College 

Natalie Navarro - Soccer - San Francisco State University

Brynn McClymond - Soccer, Menlo College

Adrienne Evans - Soccer - University of Pennsylvania 

Andres Simbeck - Soccer - Denison University

Joseph King - 2019 San Mateo County Baseball Player of the Year

Joseph_King_-_2019_San_Mateo_County_Baseball_Player_of_the_Year iconJoseph King - 2019 San Mateo County Baseball Player of the Yeartitle

Joseph King
 Click HERE to read the article - 2019 San Mateo County Baseball Player of the Year
Joseph King named 2020 Freshman Collegiate Baseball All-American
Click HERE to read the article
2019 Girls Lacrosse - WBAL Skyline Division Champions

2019_Girls_Lacrosse_-_WBAL_Skyline_Division_Champions icon2019 Girls Lacrosse - WBAL Skyline Division Championstitle

Girls Lacrosse
2019 Spring Athletic Season Sports Awards

2019_Spring_Athletic_Season_Sports_Awards icon2019 Spring Athletic Season Sports Awardstitle

Click HERE to see the 2019 Spring Season Sports Awards

2019 Winter Athletic Season Sports Awards

2019_Winter_Athletic_Season_Sports_Awards icon2019 Winter Athletic Season Sports Awardstitle

Click HERE to see the 2019 Winter Season Sports Awards
2018 Fall Athletic Season Sports Awards

2018_Fall_Athletic_Season_Sports_Awards icon2018 Fall Athletic Season Sports Awardstitle

Click HERE to see the 2018 Fall Athletic Season Sports Awards


 Click HERE to help support out Student Athletes
Mission Statement

Mission_Statement_ iconMission Statement title

The Woodside High School Athletic Department provides opportunities for all students who seek to compete in high school athletics and represent Woodside High School. Woodside strongly believes that high school sports are an essential component of our extra-curricular activities which promote and reinforce the values of a strong work ethic, teamwork, delayed gratification and physical fitness. We value sportsmanship and strive to establish a competitive environment that aligns with our 8 Conditions of Student Success.

Study hard. Practice hard. Play hard.

Letterman Jacket Order Information

Letterman_Jacket_Order_Information iconLetterman Jacket Order Informationtitle

Wildcats - to order a Letterman Jacket you have two options:
1) Go directly to the Neff Letter Jacket Page - click here.  If you would like to see a sample of this product, visit the Athletic Director's Office in the Admin Building.
Jacket Shop Emblem
2) Goetz Brothers in will customize an order for you, they are located at 1125 Industrial Road in San Carlos.  
Remember that your letters, emblems, class year, etc. can be picked up in the Athletic Director's Office with verification of participation. 
Contact the Athletic Administrator

Contact_the_Athletic_Administrator iconContact the Athletic Administratortitle

Click to send an email message. Click to visit a a teacher's web page.
Name Phone
Tim Faulkner Athletic Director  43710  mail symbol
Chuck Velschow Assistant Vice-Principal, Athletics  40030  email symbol
Zayra Padilla Administrative Assistant to Mr.Velschow  40031  Click to select an icon...
Andrew La  Athletic Trainer 43702  Click to select an icon... 
Contact a Coach

Contact_a_Coach iconContact a Coachtitle

Click email symbol
to send an email message.      
Name Sport Email
Peterson, Dan Strength and Conditioning Coach Click to select an icon... 
Nesmith, Nina Head Coach - Dance Click to select an icon...
Hernandez, Al Head Coach - Cross Country Click to select an icon... 
Andrews, Justin Head Coach-Varsity Football Click to select an icon...
Wu, Lance Head Coach - Boys Tennis   Click to select an icon...
Richardson, Jesse Assistant Varsity Football Click to select an icon...
Guillena, Jaymie Head Coach - Cheer Program   Click to select an icon... 
Tchernichov, Vladimir Head Coach-Varsity Volleyball Click to select an icon...
  Head Coach - JV Volleyball
  Assistant Coach - Volleyball
Antonino, Bruno Head Coach-Boys Water Polo Click to select an picture...
  Head Coach-Girls Water Polo
Thornton, Elijah Head Coach Boys Varsity Basketball Click to select an icon...
Llantero, Jason Head Coach-Girls Varsity Basketball Click to select an icon...
Carbajal, Armando  Head Coach-Girls JV Basketball Click to select an icon...
Ringman, Darrell Head Coach Boys Varsity Soccer Click to select an icon...
Moreno, Jorge Head Coach Boys JV Soccer  Click to select an picture...
Navarrete, Jose Head Coach Girls Varsity Soccer Click to select an icon...
Cuevas, Hernan Head Coach-Girls JV Soccer Click to select an icon...
Staves, Nancy Head Coach-Coed Badminton Click to select an icon...
Rogers, Dan Head Coach-Varsity Baseball  Click to select an icon...
Ostberg, Christian Head Coach-Golf Click to select an icon...
Sage, Ryan Head Coach-Boys Varsity Lacrosse  Click to select an icon...
Myers, Stacey Head Coach-Girls Varsity Lacrosse Click to select an icon...
Daines, Alexa Head Coach-Varsity Softball Click to select an icon...
Carlos, Hector Head Coach-JV Softball  Click to select an icon...
Couch, Stephanie Head Coach - Swimming Click to select an icon...
Pedrin, Chris Head Coach - Track and Field  Click to select an icon...

Denenberg, Lauren  Head Coach - Girl's Tennis Click to select an icon... 
 Scott Stingel  Head Coach - Girl's JV Tennis  Click to select an icon...
Woodside High School's Scholar-Athletes

Woodside_High_School's_Scholar-Athletes iconWoodside High School's Scholar-Athletestitle

The Zone - 3.0 and above
College Athletic Eligibility Information

College_Athletic_Eligibility_Information iconCollege Athletic Eligibility Informationtitle

Academic Eligibility Criteria

Academic_Eligibility_Criteria iconAcademic Eligibility Criteriatitle

1. Must be currently enrolled in at least 25 semester units of work or 5 classes.

2) Must Pass at least 4, five-unit, classes at the completion of each grading period (quarter and semester).

3) Must be on track towards graduation in relation to credits/units earned. May not be more than 15 credits behind. (Incoming sophomores: 40 credits, Incoming juniors: 95 credits, Incoming seniors: 150 credits)

4) Must maintain a minimum 2.0 weighted GPA (4.0 scale). GPA calculations are taken from the previous grading period (quarter or semester). 5 unit courses: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0 (2.5 unit courses are worth half the points). Students who drop below a 2.0 at the following grading period, had have turned in all necessary paperwork, may become eligible at the following grading period if they have brought their GPA to a 2.0 or higher, have the required number of credits for their grade level, and have maintained their attendance as required in #6 below.

5) Must comply with all SUHSD and school behavior policies, PAL Code of Ethics, and CIF/CCS Code of Conduct for Interscholastic Student-Athletes.

6) Must maintain 85% attendance per quarter. Students who are absent more than 15% will be ineligible for the following quarter.

7) Students are expected to attend at least half of their academic day in order to participate in practice or games on that day.

8) Students on suspension will not be able to participate in practice or games until after they are allowed to return to school.

Note: Students and parent/guardians, be aware of CIF Rule 600 which states, "A student on a high school team becomes ineligible if the student competes in a contest on an outside team, in the same sport, during any part of the student's high school season of sport, including post season CIF/CCS events.

Coaching Vacancies

Coaching_Vacancies iconCoaching Vacanciestitle

We currently have the following paid stipend coaching vacancies for the 2020-21 school year:

Girls Water Polo - Varsity, JV
Frosh Volleyball
If interested in a position please submit your resume to Administrative Vice Principal, Chuck Velschow,( or call directly at (650) 367-9750 x 40031 or Athletic Director Tim Faulkner ( or call directly at (650) 367-9750 x 43710
Scholarships/Jobs for Student-Athletes

Scholarships/Jobs_for_Student-Athletes iconScholarships/Jobs for Student-Athletestitle

Click here for job opportunities with the YMCA in aquatics 
Training Sites for Coaches

Training_Sites_for_Coaches iconTraining Sites for Coachestitle