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Ed Westermark (Varsity Co-Ed Wrestling Coach)

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Ed grew up wrestling in Pennsylvania, where Alray Johnson was his most influential coach.   A favorite quote that Ed likes to share is: "We practice discipline when times are good so it’s there for us when times are bad." (Alray Johnson) This is Ed’s second year coaching at WHS.  He endeavors to start each new season with the same story about a bird who flew too far, to prepare the new wrestlers for the work ahead of them. Some of them get it and understand. He enjoys teaching technique and concepts of wrestling, but his favorite part is when a wrestler starts to believe in himself/herself. “The transformation of the athlete is the most rewarding part for me,” says Ed. Ed served in the Marine Corps and was a hand to hand combat instructor mostly because of what he had learned from wrestling.  He also trained at Foxcatcher in Newtown Square, PA. While there he was lucky enough to train with Dave Schultz, one of worlds best wrestlers. Ed now also trains in Jiu Jitsu where he has four medals at World competitions; one of them gold. He has also medaled four times at the Pan Am Games, with three of those gold medals. Ed likes to teach people how to defend themselves with this extremely effective martial art. Ed used to own a bakery in PA called, “The Swedish Pastry Shop”.  His favorite food is Pizza from Nonna’s and any kind of cookies. When not coaching wrestling or training in Jiu Jitsu, Ed will watch any show on TV with animals in it. The Animal Channel is terrific!! Ed lives in Redwood City with his wife Lauren, son Erik and daughter Jacki. They have two dogs. 


2021-22 Tyrout Information:

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2021-22 Tyrout Information:

First day of practice - Monday, November 1 - Please meet on the Bradley Field Bleachers - 3:30 pm. 
2019-2020 Wrestling

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