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What is BUILD?

What is BUILD? iconWhat is BUILD?title

BUILD Mission
Through entrepreneurship-based, experiential learning, BUILD ignites the potential of youth in under-resourced communities and equips them for high school, college and career success.

BUILD Vision
BUILD envisions a world where our educational system ensures all students, regardless of background, have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for personal and professional success.
Mentor Sessions E1/E2

Mentor Sessions E1/E2 iconMentor Sessions E1/E2title

Monday evenings as school is in session.

Entrepreneurship 1 (E1's) meet in room E-18 with Mr. Cervantes
Entrepreneurship 2 (E2's) meet in room E-15 With Mrs. Bycer

Time :
E1's: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
E2's: 5:00 PM- 7:30 PM
How can you help?

How can you help? iconHow can you help?title

Mentor Qualities:
Candidates must believe in higher education and the importance of access to college for all youth, regardless of their circumstances.

Founded in 1999 by Suzanne McKechnie Klahr, BUILD is dedicated to proving the power of experiential learning through entrepreneurship, and igniting the potential of youth in under-resourced communities.

Build 2017-2018

Build 2017-2018 iconBuild 2017-2018title

Important Dates

  • Entrepreneurship 1 (E1)
    • Showcase #1: The Idea Pitch & Family Night - Open to family and all WHS Staff @ WHS. Monday, November 13 @ Woodside.
    • Showcase #2: The Investor Pitch - TBD
    • Spring Sales Showcase: TBD.
    • Spring Sales Bazaar: TBD.
    • 19th Annual BUILD Peninsula Business Plan Competition: TBD
  • Entrepreneurship 2 (E2)
    • Venture Capital Pitch Meetings:TBD
    • Spring Sales Bazaar: TBD.
BUILD Presentations and Competitions 2016-20117

BUILD Presentations and Competitions 2016-20117 iconBUILD Presentations and Competitions 2016-20117title

E-1 Showcase #1, Idea Pitch @ Woodside High School
  • MVP: Larixsa GArcia Hernandez
  • First Place: Team E.M.A.
    • Elmer Carmona Gonzalez, Ashley S. Llamas, Melissa D. Zazueta Obeso
  • Second Place: Team Eartunes
    • Kenia Rojas De La O, Marie A. Giannini
  • Third Place: Icy Sleeve
    • Omar Tapia Cortez, Emilio Guizar Chavez
E-1 Showcase, Investor Pitch #2 @ Microsoft (Inter-District Competition)
  • MVP: Claudia Mejia Abarca
E1/E2 Spring Sales Bazaar @ Box (Inter-District Competition)
Street Team Competition Results
  • First Place - EZSleevez (Woodside)
  • Third Place - Embracelet (Woodside)
BPC Final Competition @ Woodside High School (May 13, 2017)
BUILD News @ Woodside

BUILD News @ Woodside iconBUILD News @ Woodsidetitle

E1 Woodside Team EMA earned 1st place at the 17th Annual BUILD Business Plan Competition!
E2 Mentor Sessions kicked off on August 29, 2016. Welcome back, mentors and BUILDers!
Belonging, Heroes, Fun & Excitement

Belonging, Heroes, Fun & Excitement iconBelonging, Heroes, Fun & Excitementtitle

Confidence To Take Action

Confidence To Take Action iconConfidence To Take Actiontitle

Questions about BUILD, email:

Questions about BUILD, email: iconQuestions about BUILD, email:title

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