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Advancement Via Individual Determination
What is "AVID"?

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AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a nationally recognized, certified program that has been at Woodside since 1997. AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

AVID I, II, III and IV are college prep elective courses.

AVID_I,_II,_III_and_IV_are_college_prep_elective_courses. icon AVID I, II, III and IV are college prep elective courses.title

Students earn 10 elective credits per year and satisfy the University of California “G” elective requirement.


The Program:

  • Teaches skills and behaviors for academic success.
  • Creates a supportive learning community and fosters strong student/teacher relationships
  • Encourages academic success, particularly in AS, AP, and community college courses
  • Promotes confidence and personal achievement gained through hard work and determination

Academic instruction: The AVID curriculum is driven by the WICOR method,

which stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading.
 Career Exploration and College Readiness: Students research careers, colleges, and
admissions requirements. In addition to free SAT prep, AVID students have access to
individualized support as they apply to colleges, financial aid programs, and scholarships.
Tutorial support: 40% of a student's time in an AVID elective class is spent in
collaborative tutorial groups similar to study groups used in college.
Motivational activities: AVID is, at its core, a family on campus.
 Students engage in class-level and cross-level team builders. Students in all grade levels have
the opportunity to visit college campuses during the year, listen to guest speakers, and
participate in community service projects.
AVID Application

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AVID Application

AVID accepts new 9th, 10th, and 11th graders each year. 
Here is a link to an explanation of the process.
The "Ideal" AVID Student:

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AVID students are students in the middle, capable of completing a college preparatory path with support. These students often are not realizing their full potential academically. In the identification process a number of criteria are considered, including:

  • GPA (Minimum: 2.0-3.5)
  • Citizenship (No serious discipline issues allowed)
  • Attendance (Good attendance is a must)
  • Desire and Determination
  • First in the Family to Attend College
  • Historically Underrepresented in 4-year colleges/universities
  • Economically Disadvantaged
  • Other Special Circumstances
Contact AVID teachers 

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Contact AVID teachers 

Click on name for email.

10 grade AVID II:
Ms. Amy Hanson

11th grade AVID III:

Ms. Lisa Camera
Ms. Briana Lee

12th grade AVID IV:
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