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Video Production


Digital Filmmaking

Film Critique and Video Production is an art department course that introduces film history, video production, and advanced computer applications.  We will focus on film and video as art forms and vehicles for self-expression. We will cover the elements of pre-production, production, and post-production in order to create many different types of videos, and to develop useful, marketable skills for the future.  Students will use digital camcorders and learn non-linear editing, graphics, and special effects with Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Flash.  This course meets the UC/CSU art (F) requirement.

CTE Digital Communications and Streaming
Digital Communications  is a CTE Course with an emphasis on broadcast journalism.   Students will take on leadership roles while learning to produce a daily television broadcast for the whole school.  Students will gain technical abilities and artistic and design skills to improve their filmmaking ability. Students will learn to write and videotape news stories, conduct interviews, cover school events, and present the morning announcements in a visual and informative manner.  Students are expected to work as a team for one of the daily shows and certain creative projects, and independently as segment producers, graphic designers, and creative filmmakers. They will learn to use live broadcast equipment, manage their time while working on multiple projects, and they will expand their knowledge of Final Cut Pro and After Effects.  
CTE Advanced Digital Filmmaking

Advanced Filmmaking is the capstone course in the Filmmaking pathway following the Design, Visual and Media Arts Standards in the Arts, Media and Entertainment Sector of the California CTE standards. The course will cover advanced industry production, complex storytelling projects, advanced special effects, career processes for serving clients, and the study of film genres including experimental and non-fiction filmmaking. This class will build on industry competencies students have developed in Film Critique or Beginning Filmmaking and Digital Communications and Streaming. Students will further their understanding of state of the art video software, creating original art, understanding film genres, and using emerging technologies.

CTE Journalism I, II, and III

Journalism is a comprehensive approach to learning the fundamentals of news writing, ethics, law, and media studies. The course emphasizes writing, gathering of information, newspaper design, and interview techniques. Students will work in the areas of photography, video, graphic design, and editing as they publish articles.  Students will take part in all aspects of production including fundraising, advertising sales, interviewing and reporting, reviewing editorials, layout/design, and distribution. This course will prepare students with the writing and editing skills to pursue journalism in college and as a career.  Students will use oral, written, and multimedia communication to present ideas.  Students will solve problems by thinking creatively, analytically, and logically.  Furthermore, students will focus on the business side of the news business by raising money through advertising to fund the school news website and print newspaper.



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Student Work

Festivals and Awards

Student Accomplishments
1997: David Carr-Berry  --Governor's Award for Outstanding Student Videos, Honorable Mention
1998: Rowan Macniven--Berkeley Screenagers Film Festival
2004: Max Van Rooy--Emeryville Festival of Animation
2011: Scott Feuerhelm--San Francisco International Film Festival; Berkeley Screenagers Film Festival
2012: Scott Feuerhelm--San Francisco International Film Festival; Berkeley Screenagers Film Festival
2013: Sean Rossiter--San Francisco International Film Festival; Berkeley Screenagers Film Festival
2019-2020: School Newspaper Organization Distinguished Site Award
2019: Emma Chiu-New York Times Youth Photo Contest, Honorable Mention (one of 30 out of over 2000 entries)
2021: Clara Chiu-Anti-Asian Hate video chosen by KQED for their I Made This event
Trip to KQED Radio and TV Studios

Trip_to_KQED_Radio_and_TV_Studios iconTrip to KQED Radio and TV Studiostitle

The group
Recording our Perspectives
Tour of the control room
Tour of TV Studio
Tour of the auditorium
sound recording in the field
Recording sound for video or audio
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