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Digital, Visual & Performing Arts

Fall 2020-Creating From Home


Click on the videos below to see our Award Winning Wildcat Art!


On Campus

You're bound to find Wildcat Art on campus! Art BOOMs, Freestyle Fridays, stage performances, film festivals, or hearing our musicians on the field or at an assembly... we're making a positive impact on campus!


Off Campus

Woodside art and artists out in the community - take a peek!
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  • DVPA 2019-20

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AP Computer Science Principles
AP Computer Science
Advanced Animation
Audio Production III
Beauty and Joy of Computing 
Mobile Apps
Web Design I




QUICK LOOK at Programs


Ceramics iconCeramicstitle

Interested in CERAMICS? Check this out!
Student creating ceramics vase
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Digital Photography

Digital_Photography iconDigital Photographytitle

Peek at DIGITAL PHOTO student portfolios in our online gallery of on FACEBOOK!
Photography student
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Video Production

Video_Production iconVideo Productiontitle

Watch some of the great work our VIDEO PRODUCTION students are creating!
Facebook image                You Tube image
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Audio Production

Audio_Production iconAudio Productiontitle

Listen to this great stuff from our AUDIO PRODUCTION students!
Students in class  Teacher
Students  Student on campus
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Check out more music on 
Fine Art

Fine_Art iconFine Arttitle

Here's a glimpse of what is happening in the ART room!
Student work
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Advanced Animation

Advanced_Animation iconAdvanced Animationtitle