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Physical Education

PE Department Contact Info

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PE Department Contact Info

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PE1 and PE2 Department Chair
Name   Phone
Pedrin, Leslie PE1 PE2  43074 
Perdikomatis, Laura  PE1 PE2 Department Chair  43705 
Gonzalez, Jaime PE1 PE2 43700
Moses, Michael PE2  45325 

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Name   Phone
Email Web
Pedrin, Leslie PE1  43074 
Perdikomatis, Laura Department Chair PE1 and PE2  43705 
Motylewski, Richard PE1  43700 
Nicolopulos, Steven PE2  45325 
Kevin Tsui PE1  40710 
PE Uniform

PE_Uniform iconPE Uniformtitle

Students have 3 options for PE clothes:

1. Purchase a PE uniform from the student store (D7)

2. Purchase any WHS Booster athletic wear (front office or football games)

3. Bring from home: solid black pants/shorts, solid gray T

Students must also wear althetic shoes and socks.

Leslie Pedrin

Leslie_Pedrin iconLeslie Pedrintitle

A photoshop of Leslie Pedrins head on a WMNBA player dunking
Laura Perdikomatis

Laura_Perdikomatis iconLaura Perdikomatistitle

A photoshop of Laura Perdikomatis head on a gymnastics body
Rich motylewski

Rich_motylewski iconRich motylewskititle

A photoshop of Rich Motylewskis head on a jockey
Steve Nicolopulos

Steve_Nicolopulos iconSteve Nicolopulostitle

A photoshop of Steve Nicolopulos head on a body builders body
Kevin Tsui

Kevin_Tsui iconKevin Tsuititle

A photoshop of Kevin Tsuis head on a sumo wrestlers body
PE Makeups

PE_Makeups iconPE Makeupstitle

PE makeups are held in the fitness center after school from 3:30-5pm.  Days vary each year, please check with your teacher to find out open days this year.  The teacher in the fitness center will email your teacher once you complete a 45 minutes workout.
Please note, you can arrange another time with your teacher for a makeup if you have a valid reason why you can't stay after school.  Most athletic coaches allow for PE makeups. Check with your coach first.
Annual WHS Triathlon

Annual_WHS_Triathlon_ iconAnnual WHS Triathlon title

We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors of the Annual Woodside High School Triathlon!

Connect Tech West, Inc.

Chain Reaction Bicycles

Safe Routes to Schools

Freed Family

Just Designs

Lovazzano Family

Steve Crowley Construction


Fitness Testing Requirements

Fitness_Testing_Requirements_ iconFitness Testing Requirements title

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