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Science Course Offerings 2021

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Science Course Offerings 2021

WHS Science Course Offerings 2021
Science course pathways

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Biology 9-12

Chemistry 10-12
Successful completion of Biology and Algebra 1
AS Chemistry 10-12
Successful completion of Biology and Algebra 1
Physics 10-12
Successful completion of Biology and Algebra 1
Environmental science 11-12
Successful completion of Biology
Human Biology 11-12
Successful completion of Biology
AP Biology 11-12
Successful completion of Chemistry
AP Environmental 11-12
Successful completion of Biology and Chemistry
AP Physics 11-12
Concurrent enrollment in Calculus
Astronomy 11-12

Science Department Staff

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Science Department Staff

Akey, Ann 49606  globe symbol
AP environmental and Green academy Chemistry
Ms. J. Baumgartel     49644  globe symbol
Dept. Chair and AS Chemistry
Ezrati, Joseph     49646   globe symbol
AP Biology
Finander, Stephanie    49701    globe symbol
AP Physics
Handler, Ilka 49636  globe symbol
Ighanian, Shomace    49700 globe symbol
Human Biology and Biology
Lo, Ernest  49628 globe symbol
Ortiz, Davina  49620 globe symbol
  Human Biology and green academy Horticulture
Paoli, J  49608
Sahagun, Matt 49678  globe symbol
  Physics-9 and Astronomy
Chemistry, Green academy liquid gold
Environmental science and Biology
physics, and engineering
AP Biology trip to Angel Island

AP_Biology_trip_to_Angel_Island iconAP Biology trip to Angel Islandtitle

Biology Boating Trip

Biology Boating trip to Angel Island

Physics Floatathon

Physics_Floatathon iconPhysics Floatathontitle

AP Physics Students Fly!

AP_Physics_Students_Fly! iconAP Physics Students Fly!title

Chemistry Students in Action

Chemistry_Students_in_Action iconChemistry Students in Actiontitle

Biology in Action

Biology_in_Action iconBiology in Actiontitle

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Life Science Teachers

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Ann Akey

Joe Ezrati

Davina Ortiz

Ernie Lo

Ika Handler

Shomace Ighanian

Physical Science Teachers

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Jill Baumgartel

Stephanie Finander

Matt Sahagun

Science Course Pathways

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Science Course Pathways - List of Courses & Descriptions


Interesting and Useful Science Web Sites

Interesting_and_Useful_Science_Web_Sites iconInteresting and Useful Science Web Sitestitle

The following is a list of some science related websites that students will find helpful while enrolled in different science courses.

Stanford poster session 2014

Stanford_poster_session_2014 iconStanford poster session 2014title

Stanford PhD student poster session

Stanford_PhD_student_poster_session iconStanford PhD student poster sessiontitle