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Senior Thesis

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Senior Thesis - Required

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Senior Thesis - Required

The Woodside High School Senior Thesis is a culminating research project that results in a formal analytical argument of at least 2000 words. The accompanying assignments provide students with a rigorous research and writing experience. The coordination of assignments between the English and Social Science departments ensures consistency and equity. This program requires significant planning, consistent review of expectations, careful assessment, and regular revisions of all components. The Senior Thesis provides excellent practice in college-level research and writing, best preparing all Woodside graduates for the rigors of college and life beyond.
All Woodside High School seniors who are enrolled in AP Lit/English IV and/or Econ/Gov are required to complete a Senior Thesis.  This is an opportunity for seniors to focus on an issue of interest while simultaneously mastering the processes of researching, drafting and finalizing a formal paper. This project will be undertaken as a collaborative effort of the English and social studies departments, and it will be a major component of grades in both classes.