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Concurrent Enrollment

High school students can take community college classes while in high school.*  Best of all, they do not need to pay registration fees for these classes.

Reasons to Take a Community College Class
B. Demonstrate the capacity to do college-level work. 
C. Explore a possible career interest.
D. Satisfy high school graduation requirements.*
A community college class counts towards your minimum enrollment requirement each semester.
Juniors need to take 5 WHS classes; seniors must take 4 WHS classes.
Concurrent Enrollment Process

Concurrent_Enrollment_Process iconConcurrent Enrollment Processtitle

* The student is responsible for: confirming that the college course satisfies a WHS graduation requirement [contact school counselor]; renting or buying the required materials for the course; communicating with the college staff to ensure academic success; submitting an official college transcript to satisfy a WHS graduation requirement; and managing enrollment in college courses (adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course).