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Check your college websites for score report deadlines and testing requirements. Not all colleges require the ACT (or SAT). Most colleges will need the October or December test dates if you are a senior.
Sending Scores: Identify your recipients BEFORE you take the test. If you send your scores to one CSU campus, you can share the scores with the other CSU campuses on your CSU Mentor Account. Sending your ACT score to one UC campus will allow other campuses to have access to your scores.
The ACT does not send all of your test scores; instead of getting all the SAT scores you ever received, the ACT only sends the scores for a single testing date.

Student-Athletes Interested in NCAA Division I and/or II Colleges 

NCAA Eligibility: Division I and II teams will be expecting you to demonstrate your initial eligibility by completing an application on this website during your junior year. Be sure to send your official transcript with this form. When you take the ACT or SAT during junior and/or senior year, send scores to the NCAA by using code 9999. Find out if you need to earn a higher score by looking at this chart.



 Registration  Deadline
 Registration/Changes  Deadline*   
 10/22/16  09/16/16  09/30/16  Meets testing deadlines for SJSUCal Poly SLO
 12/10/16  11/04/16   11/18/16
 Last test date accepted by UC and most CSU  campuses.
 Check  college websites for deadlines.
 02/11/17  01/13/17  01/20/17  
 04/08/17  03/07/17  03/17/17  Juniors: Plan to take the test at least once this    semester. List one CSU campus, one UC campus, and two other colleges as score recipients when you register.
 06/10/17   05/05/17  05/19/17  


*Tests cost MORE during late registration. Fee waivers do NOT work during late registration.