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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Seniors & Families: Financial Aid Information

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Seniors & Families: Financial Aid Information

Information Needed: 2021 Tax Return(s); current value of savings & checking accounts
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): Seniors with a Social Security Number who are US citizens or eligible noncitizens should submit the FAFSA. It opens October 1 and is due March 2 (at the latest). It is very wise for every eligible senior to complete the FAFSA to receive assistance for community colleges or four-year colleges. Begin by making an FSA ID for you and have a parent create an FSA ID if s/he does not have one.
  • Step 1. Create FSA ID [Students should have an FSA ID to sign their FAFSA every year. If a parent does not have a Social Security Number, the parent can sign a Parent Signature Form and submit it by mail.]
  • Step 2. Complete FAFSA
CA Dream Act Application (CADAA): Seniors who do not have a Social Security Number and do not meet the criteria to complete the FAFSA should complete the California Dream Act application. It is required if you'd like to receive aid to attend community colleges or four-year colleges in California. Submit by March 2 for priority consideration.
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After You Have Completed Your FAFSA or CADAA: Seniors planning to attend college in California should make a Web Grants 4 College account to see if you qualify for a Cal Grant and/or change the college that will receive your Cal Grant. Your eligibility is determined by your A-G GPA (3rd GPA on your transcript), family size, and income. If you need to make a correction or appeal your eligibility, stop by the College and Career Center for help.
Students applying to colleges that require additional financial information may need to complete the CSS Profile by the deadline provided by each participating college.
CSS Financial Aide Profile
How to Obtain a Tax Return Transcript or Verification of Nonfiling

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How to Obtain a Tax Return Transcript or Verification of Nonfiling

Some parents and/or students may need to submit a tax return transcript or documentation that they did not need to file a return. This page should be able to assist you with either document. Instead of driving to the San Jose IRS office, you can download a tax return transcript or a Verification of Non-Filing letter from the IRS website. 
College-Specific Scholarships

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Johnson Scholars Santa Clara University
Western Undergraduate Exchange
New Scholarships! Click on image to learn more.

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Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship
The Sequoia Awards
Ron Brown Scholarship
Good Tidings Scholarship
Horatio Alger Scholarships
Bennington Young Writers Award
Prudential Spirit of Community Award
National Center for Learning Disabilities
Coca Cola Scholars
Wendys Heisman Scholarship
Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship
Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship
Scholarship Search Engines

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Scholarship America
Future Scholarships

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Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Peninsula College Fund
Scholarships for Students with Disabilities