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Volunteer Opportunities for Community Members

Spread the Word about your Profession

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Spread the Word about your Profession

Connect with WHS:

      • Inspire a student - Help students and young people grow.
      • Build a strong community - Increase morale within your company and with your neighbors.
      • Promote your industry – Develop your future workforce with local employees


Descriptions of current volunteer options:

Guest Speakers

These one-time events are designed to enhance classroom curriculum or special projects.  Please sign up to speak on a topic related to classroom work, to offer an alternative perspective, and/or provide industy insight to enhance current curriculum.  We are looking for speakers in the following industries:
  • Audio Production
  • Culinary Arts
  • Engineering
  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Journalism & Digital Communications
  • Multimedia & Web Design
Please email Faith Velschow if you would like to come speak.

Field Trips

Class visits to your company site allow students real world exposure--activities can include tours, presentations or workshops.  Add your company to the list and show students what state of the art facilities, world class employees and cutting edge technology can accomplish.  We would like to expose students in all of the industries above as well as:
  • Animation
  • California Water Resource Use, Management and Conservation
  • Plant and Soil Science
  • Sustainable Design
Interested in hosting students at your site?  Please email Faith Velschow 


The mentor program will pair students from the Business Technology Academy (BTA), Green Academy and Engineering3 class with professionals to discuss both academic and career goals.  The BTA pathway focuses on multimedia skills, the Green Academy is focued on green technology and environmental sustainability and Engineering3 students are in a capstone engineering course in which they will be working on a yearlong project in teams of 2-4 students.  While they are enrolled in these pathways,  the students career interests are widespread ranging from business and engineering to medicine and law enforcement.  The commitment is approximately 2-4 hours per month, with most intereactions via email, phone, zoom or text and 3-4 face-to-face meeting over the course of the program.


Contact Faith Velschow, Director of Mentoring and Work Based Learning

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