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Woodside High School CAT/ACS Program

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Woodside High School CAT/ACS Program

2020-21 Counseling and Advocacy for Teens (CAT) and Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS) Program 

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Woodside High School’s CAT/ACS program provides students with the necessary support to be successful. We offer individual and group counseling for students as well as parent resources for students who are referred by our guidance counselors and staff.

The CAT program was developed in the Fall of 2007 to meet the need for students to receive individual counseling support on campus when families may have limited resources to be seen outside of school. In the Fall of 2012, CAT partnered with Adolescent Counseling Services (ACS) to expand our services and providing direct therapeutic services to our students.

Counseling services are provided by a group of trained therapists, all with a Master's Degree in counseling or in the last year of their program. Adolescent Counseling Services provides weekly individual and group supervision as well as training so the therapists can complete their hours towards licensure.

Students are referred to the program by their guidance counselors based on academic, social, personal, or crisis counseling needs. Counseling services are voluntary and free of charge.  

All therapists work closely with Woodside Staff to help meet students’ academic goals and to coordinate services. This includes parent contact and permission as well as referrals to community services as needed.

Our team is available by phone, email or by appointment. All work with students is compliant with Board of Behavioral Sciences and American School Counselor Association standards for confidentiality and legal/ethical guidelines.

CAT/ACS Program Contacts

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CAT/ACS Program Contacts

You can reach Elaine Dessus, Mental Health Support Specialist,, ext. 45326 or Adriana Rios, Site Program Manager for ACS.  She can be reached at

You may leave a confidential message at (650) 367-9750 x45327 for anyone below:


CAT/ACS Therapy Team

Andrea Delariyala
Grant Robinson
Catharine Williams
Ida Milani
Natalie Avalos-Fuentes
Julie Hsu
Megan Sullivan
Additional therapists through Acknowledge Alliance:
Sydney Emerson. 
Mac Porter