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Senior Information

Senior Information

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Senior year is fun, bittersweet and also a bit hectic. Make sure you celebrate all you've achieved and create lasting memories of your last year at Woodside High School.

The purpose of this area is to provide information to students and parents that pertains to Seniors.

Graduation will be on Friday, June 5, 2020 at 10 am. 
The graduation ceremony will be held at Bradley Field rain or shine. 
Graduation 2017
Cap and Gown

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The Sequoia Union High School District is providing the graduation attire (cap, gown and tassel) to comply with AB1575 stating that graduation is an integral part of the educational experience and therefore must be provided without cost to the student. The district will be purchasing the cap, gown, and tassel, which will then be checked out to seniors who are participating in the graduation ceremony.

Students will have to return ONLY the gown following the ceremony in order to receive the diploma.

All students will reserve a graduation unit (cap, gown and tassel) at NO COST!

Please complete the online form at Woodside 2020 or at to reserve the graduation unit. 

Please note that caps are NOT allowed to be decorated.

Families that wish to purchase graduation announcements or class rings are welcome to do so through Herff Jones. Please contact Michael Manning at or at 925-829-4003. When ordering, please make sure to inform him you are from Woodside High School.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I reserve my cap and gown?

  • EVERYONE must place an order for the gown unit!
  • All students must complete the online form at   

What are announcements?

Announcements are the notices that people mail to family and friends announcing the student’s graduation. A sample of an announcement is available in D7. The form to complete to order announcements and other senior items was distributed in English classes and is available in D7.


 Families that wish to order announcements as well as other items are invited to look through the Herff Jones catalog and place an order through them. Students can make payment for announcements on November 7 & 8; January 23 and turn it into the Herff-Jones representative during lunch in front of D7.

Please note that orders for announcements must be placed by January 31, 2020.

When do I need to order the items?

All orders must be placed by JANUARY 31, 2020.

A representative from Herff-Jones will be on campus November 13 & 14; January 23  


When and where do I get my cap and gown?

  • All items will be delivered to the school. Announcements usually come in around April. Items ordered will be available for pick up in D-7.
  • Cap and Gowns will be distributed to seniors on May 24 in D-7.


Can I wear a previous graduate’s gown?

  • NO. The gowns being used are slightly different. Since there is no cost, all students are to use the gown provided by the district.


If I purchase a cap, can I decorate it?

  • NO! Students are not allowed to decorate their caps.

Graduation Announcements

Graduation Announcements iconGraduation Announcementstitle

Announcements are the notices that people mail to family and friends announcing the student’s graduation. A sample of an announcement is available in D7. The form to complete to order announcements and other senior items was distributed in English classes and is available in D7.

Families that wish to order announcements as well as other items are invited to look through the Herff Jones catalog and place an order through them. Please note that orders for announcements must be placed by January 31, 2020.

Information about announcements is available in the packets distributed to seniors in their English class. Families are welcome to also go to the Herff Jones site to learn more as well as order online.

Senior Yearbook Ads

Senior Yearbook Ads iconSenior Yearbook Adstitle

Want to create a special page to honor a senior and have it included in every yearbook? Create a Senior Ad. This page will live forever and is a wonderful way to remember your friends and time at WHS.

People can design the ad online and create a special memory.  

Cost is: Full Page $200, Half Page $125, Quarter Page $75

Pictures have to be school appropriate. If there is anything not school appropriate your page will not be used or changes will be made prior to printing. 

Click here to learn more
Senior Portraits

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CLASS OF 2020- Senior Portraits

Woodside works with Prestige Portraits to have seniors take their portraits which are used in the school yearbook. There is a small sitting fee as well as a deposit that is required. The deposit is returned when students return their proofs. Students are not required to purchase the photos, though most like to do so.

Students can now schedule their own appoint with Prestige Portraits at Schedule Your Senior Portrait Now! []

Woodside High School does have the opportunity for a limited number of students to have their picture taken on campus after school on a date to be determined. Please note it will be on a first come first serve basis. It is asked that students who have transportation and means to take their senior portrait work directly with Prestige Portraits.

The last day to take a senior portrait to have it in the school yearbook is December 1, 2019. The last day to select a senior portrait will be December 13, 2019. Please note that the company does shut down during the winter break. Any photos taken after this date may not be included in the school yearbook. 

Seniors can contact Prestige directly.

990 Industrial Road, Suite 102, San Carlos, Ca. 94070

Telephone: 650-597-1433 Fax 650-597-1434

Grad Night 2020

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Fun Picture

Grad Night is an evening planned by the parents to promote a safe and sober celebration for the graduating students on the day of graduation. Please note that the entire event is sponsored by the parents under the guidance of the PTSA. 

Grad Night is on June 5, 2020. Students will depart from Woodside High School on busses to an undisclosed location for an evening filled with fun activities. Lots of food, fun, games & prizes along with lots of entertainment and free from alcohol/drugs. This event allows graduates to come together one last time before they go off to pursue their individual adventures.  This event is not to be missed.  Tickets are currently $100. Scholarships are available.
To learn more and to purchase a ticket, please got to the PTSA Website. Please note you will need to register to access the portal to purchase a ticket. 
Senior Quotes

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Senior Quote: 
Senior quotes are text that students are welcome to include in the yearbook to which their peers will remember them by and is representative of the student. Some students choose to do a direct quote, like a saying or a line from a song. Some like to use the space to thank those who have inspired them. The quote can only be 150 characters in length, including spaces. Students can submit their quotes online at Senior Quotes must be submitted by January 17, 2020. When writing your senior quote, remember it will be seen by many people. Students are reminded to be kind and respectful to others. Anything questionable will not be included and students will not be notified.
  • Quote must be 150 characters or less. 
  • No additional shout-outs, code messages, hashtags or numbers. 
  • Anything longer than 150 characters will be cut off. If we cannot read it or understand it, it will not be printed.
  • Do not format.  Any centering, bolding, italics or underlining will not be kept.
  • Offensive terms/words, text codes, hashtags or special characters will be rejected!
  • Be appropriate; the school’s administration is going to approve it and your grandma’s going to read it.  If your quote is not approved or inappropriate, it will not be printed (you will not be notified).
  • Don’t plagiarize.  Give credit to the speaker of your quote if you select somebody else’s words.
  • Quotes in other languages must be translated underneath to ensure appropriateness.
Senior Polls

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 Here is a list of the senior polls. Seniors are allowed to nominate one male and one female for each question. All nominations must be completed by January 9, 2020. Please remember to include the first and last names of students. After the nomination process, there will be separate voting for each category. The top four individuals who are nominated will then proceed to the next round of voting. A student may be nominated more than once, but the student can only WIN in one category. In the rare case of a person winning 2 categories, one category (the one with the closest race) will go to the runner up.

 To nominate, students are to complete the online form at  Remember to write in a MALE and a FEMALE response. Here are the categories to nominate seniors:

    • Best Laugh.  Someone who has a great and infectious laugh.
    • Best Hair. Someone who has great hair. Beards on men are acceptable for hair.
    • Most likely to get lost in their eyes. Someone who has beautiful eyes that stand out.
    • Best Bromance (best friends’ boys). Two boys who are best friends and can always be found hanging out together.
    • Best Sisterhood (best friends’ girls). Two girls who are best friends and can always be found hanging out together.
    • Most likely to become a professional athlete. Someone who is very athletic.
    • Most likely to become President. Someone who is involved with government and social causes.
    • Most likely to read all the books in the library. Someone who enjoys reading.
    • Best shoulder to cry on. Someone who tends to take care of others and is very empathetic.
    • Most likely to attend Comic-Con. Someone who is into Science Fiction movies, games, etc.
    • Most likely to run Silicon Valley. Someone who is very creative and good at engineering or science.
    • Most likely to be the next social media star. Someone who is really into social media.
    • Biggest social butterfly. Someone who is very extroverted will talk to everyone, and very social.
    • Most likely to appear on project runway. Someone who is really into fashion and is very stylish.
    • Most likely to save the planet. Someone who is very environmentally conscience.
    • Most likely to be late to their own wedding. Someone who is constantly late.
    • Most likely to become the next Gordon Ramsey or Rachel Ray. Someone who is really into cooking and is a good cook.
    • The biggest case of senioritis. Someone who was ready to graduate in September.
    • Most likely to become the next Michelangelo or Frida Kahlo. Someone who is very artistic.
    • Wildest Wildcat. Someone who displays a lot of school spirit and is proud to be a Wildcat.
    • Most likely to win on Dancing with the Stars. Someone who is a very good dancer.
    • Most likely to be found on Broadway. Someone who is very into drama productions and acting.
    • Most likely to be discovered on SoundCloud.  Someone who is very good at singing.
    • Most likely to max out a credit card. Someone who is very good at shopping and spending money.
    • Most likely to be the next Steven Spielberg or Ava DuVernay. Someone who is very good at making videos.
    • Best photographer. Someone who takes really good photos.
    • Most likely to trip at graduation. Someone who tends to be a bit clumsy.
    • Most likely to stay up all night. Someone who is a night owl.
    • Most likely to be on the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Someone who is captivating or alluring.
Senior Yearbook Packets

Senior Yearbook Packets iconSenior Yearbook Packetstitle

A yearbook packet was distributed to seniors through their English class. This packet contains the information provided. 
If a copy of the packet is needed please click here or stop by D7.