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After-school robotics, including a competition team, are part of Woodside High School’s engineering and STEM offerings.  Each year, 5,000 worldwide teams in the FIRST Robotics Competition (“FRC”) design and build a robot to play that year’s unique game, and then compete against other teams in tournaments.  The robot is built in January and February, and competitions are in March.
During the pre-season (September - December), students with a casual interest are welcome to come to any of the twice weekly work sessions.  We meet in Room J1 on Wednesdays after school and on Saturdays from 9-3.  In the shop, students will learn about robotics, the equipment, and have the opportunity to help design and build robots.  Pre-season is the time for students to try different areas and decide where they want to focus.
The build season starts in January and students with more interest can join our competition robotics team, “Team 100”.  This is a very exciting time as the whole team participates in getting the robot ready for competition in March.  The shop is open every day for work sessions.
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