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Student Store

Student Store

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The Student Store is located in D7. It is run by the students in leadership. The store sells some school supplies and spirit apparel.

The Student Store is mainly open during brunch and lunch. Students are not allowed to purchase items during class time.

Off campus people who are interested in making a purchase are welcome to so. There are a few ways for people to make a purchase.

1) Come by D7 before or after school.

2) People email their order. Then we will get the items together. Please let us know when you plan to pick the items up and they will be ready for you. Payment will be due when the items are picked up.

3) People can purchase items at home Football and Basketball games.

4) People can use the new online order and pay through pay pal. Please note we are not currently set up for shipping. So orders will be put together and avilable for pick up in the main offce. Please bring a print out of your purchase to pickup the items.

Please note we do not accept credit cards on site.


School Supplies

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During brunch and lunch students are welcome to visit the student store in D7 to pick up some supplies for school. Please note that all items may not always be available. The student store sometimes gets other items in as well, so feel free to check in.

Binder 1.5 inch black three ring binder $2.50
Index Cards 3x5 cards available in white, yellow,
blue, or green
Notebook Single subject with 70 sheets $ .50
Binder Paper Package of approximately 150 sheets $1.00
Graph Paper Pad of graph paper with approximately 75 
Dividers Package with 5 individual dividers.
USB Key 1g USB key $10.00
Pencil Pouch Pencil pouch with 3 ring holes to fit in
a binder. Available in different colors.
Package of 12 colored pencils $1.50
Available in blue or black. Can purchase 
a box of 12 pens or just individual 
$.25 each
$2.00 box
Pencils #2 pencils, available for purchase individually
or as a package of 10
$.10 each
$.75 pack

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Please feel free to email orders or questions.

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