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2021 Yearbook

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2021 Yearbook

Order your yearbook early!


Yearbooks are to be pre-ordered. Only a limited number of yearbooks may be available at the end of the school year. Make sure that you are guaranteed a book by pre-ordering a yearbook.


The current price for a yearbook is $90. Students who have a PAL sticker can purchase a yearbook for $80, but that must be done on campus or by contacting Mrs. With.


The price for a yearbook will go up throughout the year, so it is best to order a yearbook early. 


Yearbooks can also be purchased online. Please note that online orders must pay the non-PAL price. 
Due to COVID-19, it has been decided that the 2021 yearbooks will be distributed in August of 2021. 
2020 Yearbooks

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2020 Yearbooks


Students who have not yet picked up their pre-ordered 2020 yearbook are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. Yearbooks can be picked up in the school library during weekdays between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm (closed from 12:00-12:45). 


A limited number of yearbooks are still available to be purchased. The cost is $100 and yearbooks will be sold on a first-come basis. People can pay by cash, check (payable to Woodside High School), or credit card (there is a $2.50 service fee). 

People with questions about purchasing a yearbook should contact Leslie With at
Senior Yearbook Ads

Senior_Yearbook_Ads iconSenior Yearbook Adstitle

Want to create a special page to honor a senior and have it included in every yearbook? Create a Senior Ad. This page will live forever and is a wonderful way to remember your friends and time at WHS.

People can design the ad online and create a special memory.  

Cost is: Full Page $200, Half Page $125, Quarter Page $75

Pictures have to be school appropriate. If there is anything not school appropriate your page will not be used or changes will be made prior to printing. 

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