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Frequent Contacts

Administration Offices

Administration_Offices icon
Administration Offices

Ext: 40010 
Administrative Assistant to Ms. van Putten
Ext: 40011
Instructional Vice Principal
Ext:  40020
Administrative Assistant to Ms. Mazzei
Ext:  40021
Administrative Vice Principal
Ext: 40030 
Administrative Assistant to Mr.Velschow
Ext: 40031 
Administrative Vice Principal, works with students M-Z & Special Education Services
Ext: 40032
Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Porter
Ext: 40033
Attendance Office

Attendance_Office iconAttendance Officetitle

Attendance Clerk
Ext: 40000
Quick Reference

Quick_Reference iconQuick Referencetitle

Head Guidance Counselor
Ext: 40090 
College and Career Center / Work Experience Coordinator
Ext:  49706 
Director of Student Activities
Ext: 44000 
Head Guidance Counselor
Head Guidance Counselor
Head Guidance Counselor
Head Guidance Counselor
Ext: 40060 
Ext: 44201
Ext: 40050
Plant Manager
Ext: 40080 
Padres Bilingues
Ext: 45323