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Work Experience

The Work experience Program

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General Work Experience is an elective, variable-credit class combining paid employment experience with mandatory weekly classroom instruction. Students enter the program with jobs they have acquired themselves. In class, students discuss and develop work habits, attitudes, job-related skills, and work-related documents that can be used to locate, secure, and retain employment. Students benefit by learning valuable basic employ ability skills and by having the opportunity to discuss work-related issues with their peers and instructor in class away from the demands of the work environment. The program is a partnership of employers, the WE teacher-coordinator, students, and parents. The final link is made as the Work Experience teacher-coordinator contacts employers and/or visits work sites on a quarterly basis to monitor student progress and then provides students with individual feedback, recognition, and guidance. Students receive academic credit according to the number of hours they work on the job site. Their employer determines 50% of their course grade and their class participation and assignments determine the other 50%.

Students may earn up to 40 Work Experience credits in their high school career with 10 credits maximum per semester.

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