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Guidance & Counseling

                                Counselor Contacts                                                        
Grimaldi, Jacqueline Co-Head Counselor 40092
Negri, Francisco Co-Head Counselor 40090
Cortez, Juan Jose Counselor 40094
Hernandez, Jimmy  Counselor 40093
Lok, Jeanette  Counselor 40098
Thornton, Elijah Counselor 40091
Philips, Isabel
Support Services Coordinator   45345 
Holmes, Kathie
Mental Health Support Specialist 45326
                                 College Center Contacts                                                
Matavulj, Zorina College Advisor  40039 
Vasquez, Lisa College Advisor 45346
Gil, Francisco College Advisor 40064

                                    Counseling Contacts                                                    
 Medina, Maricela  School Registrar   40097 
 Cifuentes, Penny  Guidance Information Specialist   40096 
Noravian, Jennifer Guidance Information Specialist  40095
 Mooney, Thelma
 SAAP Coordinator  49603 
 Lopez, Maricela Bilingual Parent Liaison   45323 

   Guidance & Counseling Department

Welcome to the Woodside High School Guidance Office Website.

The Guidance and Counseling Center is located in Building C-1,facing the main parking lot.


   Guidance Center Hours:

Monday through Friday 7:45am to 3:45pm (closed daily from 12-12:45)

   General Guidance Information #: 650-367-9750 x 45329

   (option 4 for Guidance Department)

   Fax # 650-216-3593


   CEEB: 053-808

  • Woodside Guidance Calendar