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Woodside Paw Print

Journalism and the Woodside Paw Print

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Experience the Woodside Paw Print on its website

Digital Journalism students create the Woodside Paw Print online newspaper. Students are encouraged to follow their interests in the context of producing an interesting, quality paper that acts as a voice for Woodside High School students. Digital Journalists pride themselves on the wide-ranging skills and styles of themselves and their classmates.

The Woodside Paw Print is the multimedia news source of Woodside High school and its community. It is produced by the students in Woodside’s Digital Journalism class and described in their words below:

Out of all of the classes at Woodside I believe this class I have learned the most from. It has taught me skill that a conventional class cannot. I think all students should take a class like this, that teaches you real like work skills that your can use.

– Karen Rutherford, Class of 2014, Managing / Online Editor


Journalism is the only class that is structured as though it were a profession. We have our own responsibilities and oftentimes we all work independently on different tasks, but the unity we have with our fellow classmates is too great to match.

– Yalda Saii, Class of 2017, Copy Editor

In journalism, I have the ability to inform myself, as well as all of you, on the issues and events that matter. The experiences and struggles we go through on a daily basis to give our readers the best, most professional source of student news possible are always ratified by the feedback we recieve. This class has given me and all of my fellow journalists unique opportunities to become better involved in our community and the lives of our peers.

– Sophia Andolowicz, Class of 2015, Editor-in-Chief