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Virtual Open House

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Some teachers will host live Zoom Meetings that begin at 7:00PM and some teachers have prepared slide presentations that you can view at your convenience. You are also welcome to click on links allowing you to learn what might be in store for their next course in the sequence or an elective your child has selected for next year.


Academic Study 


Digital, Visual and Performing Arts



Physical Education


Social Science / History

Special Education

World Language

Thursday, March 17th, is our VIRTUAL Open House from 7:00- 8:00PM

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Thursday, March 17th, is our VIRTUAL Open House from 7:00- 8:00PM

This is an excellent opportunity for families to hear about what their student is learning this year and how they will finish the year. This evening will be an opportunity for teachers to present what has been going on in each of their classes. This is not an evening for individual questions; please contact your student's teacher via email if you have specific questions.
Staff links may be:
  • Zoom
    • Ask questions about the content
    • Interact with the teacher
    • See student work samples
  • Google slides
    • Review information about the content
    • See student work samples
  • Video link
    • Watch the teacher and/or students describe the content of the class and current assignments and samples of work
Links may be specific to your student's scheduled class period. See Canvas information below for details. 
Canvas for Parents

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